Are Release Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

The Release Boat brand claims to combine fishability, comfort, and function into an appealing package to deliver boat models that most people desire.

But the question is, Are Release Boats durable and reliable enough to invest your money?

Release boats come with exceedingly deep draft and average beam features, and these features make them one of the most favorable choices for day cruising, saltwater, and freshwater fishing.

Let’s learn more about the actual worth of the Release boat models and other relevant details about the brand from today’s article-

Here’s How Good the Release Boats Are:

Reportedly, the Release brand has created each boat model with an attractive look and appealing features based on what the majority of the fishing or boating enthusiasts and professionals desire the most for their boats. According to the company’s claim, these boats have better resistance to endure repeated or aggressive use.

Whether you are looking for the smallest 18 feet boat or the largest 34 feet boat model, the Release brand offers boat models available in various sizes so you can literally get what you desire.

Even the brand offers custom building boats for those who want their boat to be specifically the same as their preferences.

Besides that, each customer is allowed to have a test drive before purchasing their selected Release boat model.

How Durable & Reliable Are The Release Boats? 

Release utilizes the state-of-the-art Vacuum Infused Resin (VIR) molding process, which very few manufacturers follow that kind of highly sophisticated closed molding process.

All release boat models are 100% composite which means wood free. Even the manufacturer has used only the finest raw materials such as the Vinyl Ester resins, carbon, Kevlar, biaxial and triaxial woven fiberglass cloth, and composite essences.

These boats are built with excellent quality hull design and foam-filled stringers.

Also, the fully encapsulated fiberglass laminates and reinforced carbon composite layers of each factory-built Release boat model ensure additional strength.

Even the stringer grid system stiffens to provide the right amount of rigidity to the hull and also adds a gel coat finish below the deck.

That’s why, all Release boats are lighter, stronger, and more rigid than their competitors. Not only that, but they also ensure better fuel economy.

The release also has a wide range of available power options to suit every individual’s preference and need. Even when they are a pair of Cummins QSB 480hp, these boats can deliver the tournament-winning level of performance.

How Long Do The Release Boats Last Compare To Similar Brands?  

The Release brand claims that every Release boats are factory built to meet or exceed the U.S. boat’s longevity standards. So, these boats are supposed to last for a quality period without any major troubleshooting issues.

In general, most similar graded boats last five to six years easily, and with proper care and scheduled maintenance, these boats can even last up to ten or fifteen years. 

But practically speaking, mostly you will start noticing some fitting or tear and wear troubles on your boat after five years, which is very common and normal for any brand’s boats.

What Are Typical Troubleshooting Problems With The Release Boats? 

Although Release always tries to ensure that every boat owner can enjoy the best performance from each of their boat models, consumers might still encounter some troubleshooting issues while using the Release boats.

Occasionally, one might notice fuel system failure, cracks or leaks on the lower unit, electrical system malfunctioning or wiring connection error, engine power loss, or starting trouble.

But let me remind you that none of the earlier mentioned troubleshooting issues are particularly happening with Release boat models. Mainly those are the most common problem that occasionally arises with any boat model overtimes.

Have Release Boats Previously or Recently Made Any Recall? 

No. According to the information provided on the U.S. Coast Guard or USCG’s official website, there is no record of recalls made by Release boats.

This statement shows and proves how worthy the release boats are. Another plus point of the Release brand is that the company also offers a custom boat building, and not to forget, the company even allows a test drive before purchasing.

Are The Release Boats Still Being Made?  

Yes. Based on the details and information provided on the Release boats brand’s official website, the company is still making boat models that feature all the required up-to-date quality features to deliver the ultimate fish ability and comfort.

Does Release Still Make Parts For the Older Boat Models?  

Honestly, I could not find any official declaration from the Release brand about whether they are still actively making the older boat models or their parts and accessories. There is no information available on the company’s official website about this particular topic.

However, Release mentioned on their official website that they are willing to provide all the required assistance for their customers. So, the best way to find out the correct answers is, to directly approach them via

How Long Will It Take To Build A Custom Release Boat?

The Release brand is widely known for their custom boat building opportunity where every individual can provide their preference details to the company, and the manufacturer will build the customized boat similar to the customer’s desire.

According to the Release Boatworks authority, they mainly design semi-custom production boats where they will allow you to choose specifications to customize your boat, and on average, this process takes eight to twelve months max. But the production duration will vary depending on the size and build slot.

Where Is The Manufacturing Facility Or Location Of The Release Boats?  

Reportedly, The Release has a boat production facility available in the historic Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, and the manufacturing is known as the Release Boatworks manufacturing plant, from where all of the brand’s boat models are manufactured.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To The Release Boats?   

If you wish to look for other better alternative brands instead of choosing and purchasing any Release boat model, some top high-performance fishing boat manufacturers can help you out on that.

You can go for boat brands such as Boston Whaler, Contender Boats, Everglades Boats, Freeman Boatworks, or Grady-White Boats.

Customer Reviews On The Release Boats

According to the online consumer ratings, Release boats have gained 4.6 stars out of 5, which is undoubtedly enough to show how good those boats are.

While I was going through several expert review articles, consumer forums, blogs, vlogs, and other online portals to see most consumers’ and critics’ reactions, I figured that most users are pretty impressed with the brand and expressed their satisfaction.

However, just like any other boat brand, The Release boats also have some unsatisfied customers who were mainly disappointed due to the brand’s or its authorized dealer’s after-sale customer services.

Final Thoughts

Every Release boat is specially designed and constructed with the combination of premium quality materials, the latest proven technology, and experienced craftsmanship to deliver the hard-to-beat combination of power, fuel efficiency, performance, and reliability for every season.

Therefore, if you are looking for a brand that can offer rigid quality and performance along with comfort and style, consider the Release boats.

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