Are Robalo Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Long-lasting build material, top-notch engineering, practical design, and over 50 years of reputation make Robalo one of the top fishing boat manufacturers.

According to Robalo Boats Reviews, are they good and reliable? Read the article to know the true facts about their boats.

How Good Robalo Boats Are?

All Robalo boat models can be divided into 3 groups; dual console, center console, and bay boat. Because of providing reliable performance, stability, and outstanding quality, Robalo boats are different from its competitors.

How Reliable Are Robalo Boats?

Since 1968, Robalo has been taking durable boats that people use for generations.

So, seeing the company taking pride in their product is no surprise.

Also, you have seen several customer reviews which prove their claims. As the manufacturer spends a lot of time perfecting the design, you can rely on them.

And, they don’t compromise in the material quality which explains the extra weight of the boats compared to the competitors.

How Durable Are Robalo Boats?

Here, I am going to talk about the materials used to make the interior of the boat to give you an idea of how durable Robalo boats are.

The loom-wrapped wiring is capable of preventing wire damage from extreme heat and chafing.

And, the metal parts are strong stainless steel with chrome plating so that corrosion can’t occur in salty and humid conditions.

Furthermore, connectivity is always on with the help of triple O-ring waterproof connectors.

Another assuring matter is that the rub rails feature heavy-duty SS inserts. Moreover, the hull has reinforcements with Kevlar at the keel ensuring extra durability.

The in-house experts use hand-laying fiberglass in the hulls and decks making frequently used parts long-lasting.

Considering the price point, these boats offer more than what one can ask for.

What About Older Robalo Boats?

When a boat maker starts making vessels, they can’t produce the perfect product on their first try.

Naturally, older Robalo boats have several problems. The company worked hard to improve the boat design and solve those issues.

And, their success is right in front of your eyes. For the most part of their existence, Robalo is known for making tougher boats than competitors.

Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?

Yes, Robalo still makes parts for some of their older models. Officially, you can find parts for the boat models dating back to 2001.

In the second-hand parts and accessories market, you can get your desired fittings for even older models.

There are popular forums of Robalo boats. Join them and ask the users to help you track down rare parts.

What Are Typical Problems with Robalo Boats?

Having a saturated foam core is one of the most common problems with Robalo Boats. Later on, the foam starts rotting which can cause expensive repair tasks.

But you should know that the reported cases are in the model manufactured before 2000. So, buying a new model in 2021 or after 2020 should be fine.

After doing some research and improving the design, Robalo has successfully solved the issue.

Another occurrence to mention is some sort of quality control issue that has started happening in the middle of 2010.

Customers complained about poorly finished drain homes, improper seals on drains, and unaligned screw holes.

Individually, those problems do not seem to be anything serious. However, they are the beginning of bigger issues.

The assuring fact is that you can’t find this type of feedback from the customers for the recent 2 or 3 years.

Therefore, you can assume that the company has taken some steps to solve it.

Lastly, I want to mention the problem with the fuel tank. And, it is occurring in the newer version of the brand.

Lots of users are experiencing long waiting times while filling up the tank. According to the company, the new design requirement imposed by the Coast Guard is the reason here.

What you have to do is ask your dealer about these problems and ask him/her to mention any major problems reported in recent months.

This way, you can make sure that the one you have chosen can serve your purpose in the best way.

How Long Do Robalo Boats Last Compare to Similar Brands?

You can understand that the best way to find out the durability of a boat is by reading customer reviews who are using it for 5 or more years.

As there are no official third-party quality checking entities, we have to rely on the form discussions and shared experiences.

You can begin by investigating the brand on thehulltruth forum. You can either ask a question in the community or browse through similar threads.

As I have already done the research, you don’t need to go the extra mile. I have found that Robalo boats last longer than its competitors.

It is not possible to give you the exact numbers because longevity depends on lots of different things.

Do Robalo Boats Hold Their Value?

Based on the condition of the boat, model, and brand, the depreciation of a fishing boat varies.

When it comes to Robalo boats, the center console models seem to get a better value while reselling than other models of the brand.

I know that some other competitor boats are valued far better than Robalo. But their difference is not much.

According to the owner, he bought a brand-new R200 2015 model at approximately $37500. After using it for almost 4 years, he is still getting offers of nearly $34000 which is pretty amazing.

But the case is different for higher-priced models. Within 4 or 5 years, and R305 WA can lose up to 35% of its original value in used boat markets.

Are Robalo Boats Still Being Made?

Though the ownership had changed in 2001, the brand still exists today. The new manufacturing plant is in the Chaparral plant in Nashville, Georgia.

Equipping state-of-the-art machinery in a 1.2 million sq. ft. facility, Robalo makes Center Console, Explorer Center Console, Dual Console, and Bay Boats.

Chaparral acquired the company in 2001 and invested heavily in R&D to make the brand even more reliable. Their other company is Marine Products Corporation (MPX).

Customer Reviews on Robalo Boats

After using an R235 W/A for 4 years, its owner mentioned that he loved the boat because of its solid build quality. It is well-made in every aspect, and worth the money.

Another customer agreed with that statement. He has also told others that these boats are not cheap and don’t have the resell value as a Contender. Still, Robalo boats are not far behind the competition.

Some of the customers are so happy with its performance that they feel like riding a fishing-cruiser cross.

Final Thoughts

After reading lots of user reviews of Robalo boats, I can say that no other fishing boats in this mid-tier price range can provide such smooth rides.

Except for a handful of negative feedback, most of them are very positive because of their premium construction, fit, and finish. So, yes, Robalo boats are good and reliable.

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