Are Scout Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Are high-end boats just glitz? Scout boats are one such company producing high-end boats. But are they worth it? Are they as strong as they are stylish? Will they last you long enough? And what of the maintenance?

No, they are not just glitz! Scout boats are as strong, sturdy and reliable as they claim! These are good high-end boats that provide new dimensions in security off-shore! Why and how?

That is exactly what I will discuss! In brief, easy explanations, find out the technology between Scout boats below.

How Good Scout Boats Are?

Scout produces boats from Dual console Dorados to Center console sportfishing machines. These boats are nothing average or mediocre.

Every model comes with 100% hand-laid fiberglass construction. Find finished bilges and underside of all doors, lids, and hatches. The boats are completely crafted and technologically advanced! Making it one of the most luxurious boats out there.

But more than their aesthetic glitz, they have innovative hull designs (NuV3, Air Assist, and Scout Stepped Hull Technology). Their manufacturing process is outstanding! Scout strictly disagrees with the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” statement. They are not afraid to break stereotypes in manufacturing technologically advanced boats.

Scout’s innovations are more than any average boat company. They pioneered the first reverse-shoebox hull/deck design. This increases overall hull strength and prevents water from penetrating through the hull/deck joint in rough conditions.

The hulls are gas-saving (e.g: the NuV3 and Air Assist hulls). This comes with state-of-the-art outboard engine advancements, including the Strata-Mount Engine Mounting System. The models offer the best strength-to-weight ratio of any boat in its class.

Scout boat models have excellent fuel technology! The Everglades 270 cc gives you as much as 60.6% fuel efficiency.

Some additional features include the heated seats, hardtop-mounted solar panels, anchor camera, etc.

Two patent-pending features: Electronically-Actuated Articulating Rocket Launcher and Electronically-Actuated Convertible Hideaway Entertainment Station / Mezzanine Seat are two things to look forward to!

Moreover, all Scout models come with a 10-year limited hull and 3-year limited stem-to-stern warranties.

How Reliable Are Scout Boats?

Scout boats have long had a reputation as good, reliable boats. The finishing and lay out is top notch. Most people recommend these as quality boats.

They claim to be unsinkable and are not foam filled. These boats have nice rigs. Scout usea composites in their construction.

Although some people do prefer a Whaler boat. This is mostly due to the need of trim tabs. The boats can be heavy. On plane, they run very smoothly. Below plain they are spectacularly wet and difficult to get out of the hole.

In these regards, a Montauk 170 does it better!

How Durable Are Scout Boats?

Scout takes security off-shore to a different level! They take pride in the best possible material used for boats! Each part of your boat is crafted with skillful goodness.

The entire boat contains premium quality vinyl materials. This shields your boat from molds and fading. Unlike any boat, this allows ease of cleaning and prevention from staining!

Moreover, whale board used instead of aluminum holds the screws better! Scout also makes their component parts. They use a unique cold-press operation developed by them. This makes the parts strong and long-lasting.

Not to mention. Scout never uses wood in their boats. Saves you the rotting!

What About Older Scout Boats?

Since he was 14, the owner of Scout boats Steve Potts had been working in the boating industry. Scout started with him, his wife Dianne and a few workers.

The first boat by Steve was a 1960’s inspired 14-foot called the Scout. The first design was pretty high-end with a good finish.

Scout boat models worth mentioning are: 215 XSF, 175 Sportfish and 420 LXF.

Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?

The sad part about producing amazing quality parts? They don’t make them for older models! Think about it, if you want to maintain quality, you have to compromise quantity!

So, unfortunately, they do not store parts for older models. They only keep parts for present models.

But you can find dealers who can help you with old parts. Here’s a suggestion: call Scout boats and ask them for their supplier was. Then contact the supplier directly!

Or you can send the specs over to International Marine. They can make you one.

What Are Typical Problems with Scout Boats?

Some Scout owners claim to have scupper issues. Especially in the case of smaller boats. But most people have not reported anything as such. The scupper problem accompanies a recessed cockpit usually.

This problem draws in water in the idle/drift. This will get your feet wet.

Another reported problem is finding circular cracks from air pockets. These are usually seen between fiberglass and gel-coat. Moreover, hairline cracks may be found running down along the tunnel.

After some years, the fresh/recirc Livewell selector switch might freeze. These are pretty minor issues and easy to fix. Part replacements can be a bit hectic but if you’ve read the ‘older parts’ section then it’ll be easier for you.

How Long Do Scout Boats Last Compared to Similar Brands?

Customers are always raving about how good Scout boats are. But did you know that it lasts a lifetime too? It lasts almost as long as memories! Moreover, you have that 10-year warranty that will back you up no matter what.

Similarly, a Whaler might also last you a lifetime. But of course, you need to keep the high-end approach of Scout boats in mind!

Note that the boats last as long as you want them. If you take care of the boats, they will back you up better!

Do Scout Boats Hold Their Value?

Scout boats do not have good resale value. So you may be able to get a good deal on them than say, Grady.

The boats do not hold resale well because of newer boats being in the same price range.

Are Scout Boats Still Being Made?

Scout boats are manufactured in their Summerville headquarters. This is their South Carolina-based headquarters.

Recently, the facility was expanded with a 24,000-foot plant addition. It was a two-fold expansion.

The boats continue to be produced in these facilities.

Final Thoughts

As per the maximum number of owners, Scout boats seal the deal! They are high-end, super stylish but technologically advanced and reliable as heck!

They are sturdy. Their quality is outstanding!

Yes, the old parts are a bit hard to find. And yes they do have some wetting issues. But that’s nothing compared to what they offer! Considering no boat is perfect.

I highly recommend you go for your Scout boat. You won’t regret it!

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