Are Stingray Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

From 17 to almost 28 feet in length, Stingray makes 5 different types of boats for fishing and other recreational activities.

But can you trust the brand and its products? To know the answer, I have done Stingray boat reviews, are they good and reliable? Let’s find out.

How Good Stingray Boats Are?

When it comes to entry-level affordable boats, Stingray is one of the most popular and trusted brands in the community.

Because of the high precision in design, and better manufacturing process, the company can offer such good-quality boats at a low price point.

Though the fiberglass hull has some stability issues, you can safely ride them on calm waters.

How Reliable Are Stingray Boats?

The price point of Stingray Boats falls in the budget category. But don’t think that these boats have poor quality.

The features, specs, and performance are satisfactory. However, they are not much reliable in the rough waters.

In calm conditions, you won’t be able to tell the difference between Stingray boats and high-end ones.

Another thing you will notice and admire is their speed and Z-Plane hull design. There is a secret behind the reliability of their boat design.

The company is an early adopter of computer-aided designing and manufacturing.

That is why they could achieve perfection very quickly and successfully.

Seeing the Deep-V hull design, you may think that they are reliable in rough sea conditions.

But the users beg to differ. It is due to the lightweight construction which is easily pushed around by bigger waves.

How Durable Are Stingray Boats?

The proof of durability comes from the construction material spec and feedback.

First of all, Stingray boats are manufactured using fiberglass which is tough, durable, and rustproof.

The flexing properties of fiberglass are helpful for several cases but it has some downsides too.

In rough sea conditions, big waves can easily cause cracks in the inner part. Though the outer shell stays intact, the gel coat inside can be damaged.

In severe cases, the fiberglass gets damaged too. As long as you are staying in inland waters and lakes, you won’t face such problems.

Those who are looking for an economical option and don’t plan to fish in deep-sea can rely on Stingray boats.

What About Older Stingray Boats?

Generally, different boat manufacturing brands couldn’t offer reliable boats in their early days.

But Stingray has been ahead of its competitors regarding technology and manufacturing process.

As a result, users are very happy with their speedier boats since the early days. And, the credit goes to the thinner fiberglass hull design.

Almost 5 years of successful existence with consistent performance and useful features have made Stingray a trustable brand name among the customers; even for older models.

Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?

First of all, the answer is yes. Stingray still makes parts for their older model boats.

According to the manufacturer, they avail 10-year older boat parts from the latest year. You can check their website for the parts and accessories.

Owners should also get in contact with their local dealer. They can help track down the desired hardware easily.

But if it is very rare, your only chance will be through several popular forums. Ask the members and they can provide what you are looking for.

It would be better if there were an official forum for the Stingray owners.

However, other popular platforms such as boat outfitters, thehulltruth, etc. are filled with helpful people.

For ordering OEM parts online, you can rely on Amazon and eBay.

What Are Typical Problems with Stingray Boats?

Due to the unique hull construction and using fiberglass as the core material, users complain about Stingray Boats’ poor performance in rough waters.

Also, the thinness or lightness of the hull makes the customers feel less secure or reliable about the boat. The hull seems to flex a lot.

However, those are not problems for everyone because not all people plan for having fun on the sea.

Now, let me tell you some more about the problems. In some cases, owners have complained that fiberglass cracks around the transom areas are not good.

It creates delamination to the core where the plywood is close to the hull. You should know that this has happened for a few models; not all.

How Long Do Stingray Boats Last Compare to Similar Brands?

When I went through several forum threads, I saw that lots of owners like to compare the Stingray boats to another popular brand named Bayliner.

As both brands are well-known for producing entry-level boats, lots of people think that they are low-quality products. But it is not true at all.

Indeed, the company has to make some sacrifices for offering such boats at a low price. That doesn’t necessarily indicate poor performance or quality.

Though some customers raise their eyebrows because of using fiberglass which seems to be less durable than Bayliner boats.

The claim is true when you compare the material with more expensive thicker hulls. But the use case of Stingray doesn’t need such high-priced materials.

Also, longevity depends a lot on the users because not taking good care can be fatal even for expensive boats.

Do Stingray Boats Hold Their Value?

The depreciation value of Stingray boats is ordinary; like the competitors. The fact of the boats are low-end doesn’t have any effect on the reselling price.

For example, let me tell you the resell experience of an owner. A 212SC owner used his boat for almost 5 years and made it available in the second-hand market.

The original price of this particular Stingray boat was slightly above $43500. And, the current second-hand market price of a 212SC deck boat is nearly $32000.

So, the depreciation value is 27% less than the original price which is a good return on the investment. And, it is the same for their higher-priced boats.

Are Stingray Boats Still Being Made?

In the company’s 225,000 square foot production facility in Hartsville, South Carolina, Stingray is still manufacturing amazing boats.

With the help of expert boat makers and engineers, the company has products in 5 different categories. They are deck boats, sports decks, sport boats, center consoles, and dual consoles.

Now, it is possible to customize the order even further choosing one from several options in each category. Take this 206CC center console for example.

Starting from $45,943, the price of the boat can be much higher depending on your chosen customizations.

It is true for the other models. Check Stingray’s official website to find out more about the prices.

Customer Reviews on Stingray Boats

Here, let me tell some of the user opinions on this brand and its products.

One user told that the independent boat maker has successfully made their name beside the Genmar and Brunswick monopoly. As a perfectionist, he is pleased with the overall quality of the boats.

According to another experienced boater, one should take Chaparral Boats more seriously than Stingray when buying a new one.

As the priority of features varies from person to person, the same boat can be the best or the worst.

The narrow hull is great for speed but makes it unstable in larger waves. Those are not my words but are quoted from a user’s real-life experience.

Final Thoughts

That is all the information I can find. I hope that you have got the answer in this Stingray boat reviews, are they good and reliable?

To summarize, they are reliable and have fairly good build quality considering the price. Take them as entry-level boats, treat the boats accordingly, and you will have nothing to complain about.

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