Suzuki 300 vs yamaha 300 outboard: (Detailed Comparison)

Yamaha and Suzuki are the most popular outboards. Both companies are producing top-notch outboard, among them 300hp is one of them. 

So, In this article, I will provide you a full comparison about Suzuki 300 vs Yamaha 300 outboard and which one you should buy.

Comparison Chart: suzuki 300 vs yamaha 300 outboard

Suzuki 300Yamaha 300 
Suzuki Electric start system.Yamaha Electric start system.
Life spans around 1200-2500 hoursLife spans around 1500-3000 hours.
Fuel delivery system is Multipoint Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection along with Oxygen Sensor and Lean Burn.Fuel Injection.
Tilt System: Power Trim & TiltTilt System: Power Trim & Tilt
6 cylinder6 cylinder
Remote control and digital electrical control.Remote control and digital electronic control.
Less noise level and vibration.Higher noise level and vibration.
Heavier than Yamaha.Lighter than Suzuki.
Better fuel economy.Higher fuel consumption than Suzuki.
Cheaper than Yamaha.Costlier than Suzuki.

In-depth Comparison Between Suzuki 300 and Yamaha 300 outboard

Build Quality

You can’t make any complaints on both outboards. Their robust build ensures that those will stand out in any condition. 

Yamaha 300 and Suzuki 300 outboard is made of Aluminum alloy along with high-pressure die-casting. And both have Anti-Corrosion Systems to protect them.

Noise level

When you get into a Suzuki 300Hp outboard, you’ll barely notice its noise. It’s much quieter than you expect. You don’t need to raise your voice to make a simple conversation with each other when the engine is on. Also, You’ll find less vibration in the engine.

But, the Yamaha 300hp outboard has a little bit of loud noise compared to Suzuki. Also, You’ll find a lot of vibration in the engine.


Yamaha 300’s are a little lighter than the Suzuki’s. For example, Yamaha’s digital engine weight is around 560 pounds, and the mechanical one is around 550 pounds which are around 70 pounds lighter than its competitors, along with Suzuki.

Fuel Economy

The fuel performance is always less than the advertisement by the dealer, and that is true for both Suzuki and Yamaha outboard. But, The fuel economy is really outstanding in the Suzuki 300.

Suzuki provides more than 10% better fuel economy, which means a lot when you plan to run 80 to 120 gallons per trip. In addition, dealers and the company provide excellent support for both outboards.

Brand Recognition

Both Yamaha and Suzuki outboard produce great engines and are well-known as trusted brands. Yamaha has been producing outboards since 1960, and Suzuki is producing outboards around 1965. 

So, Both have a long history in the outboard market. But, In the race, Yamaha is one step further than Suzuki.

Cost and Warranty

The cost of the Suzuki 300 outboard is much cheaper than the Yamaha 300 outboard. So you’ll get a Suzuki outboard around 5k less than Yamaha.

Also, The warranty program of Suzuki makes you really happy. They’ll provide you support for more than six years, where Yamaha provides the support for five years.

But, In terms of service quality, Yamaha 300 is better than Suzuki. You’ll get around 100 Yamaha dealers to over only 8 Suzuki dealers. 

Also, The resale value is much higher in Yamaha and you’ll notice 7 out of every ten motors in any marina boat.

So, when you try to sell the outboard, you’ll notice 7 out of 10 buyers for Yamaha motor.

Suzuki 300 or Yamaha 300 outboard – Which one to choose?

Which one will be better for you depends on your preference. If your consideration is cost, then you can pick the Suzuki 300. Also, That’ll provide you better fuel consumption.

But, If you think about services, resale value and reliability, then you should pick Yamaha 300 outboard.


What is the most reliable outboard motor brand?

Both Suzuki and Yamaha are reliable motor brands in the outboard industry. The motors of Suzuki and Yamaha last thousands of hours with proper maintenance. Also, Both are easy to work on.

How much does a 300 hp Suzuki outboard weight?

The weight varies according to the model. On average, The Suzuki 300hp outboard weight is around 575 to 650 pounds.

How many hours do Yamaha 300 outboards last?

It depends on which model you are owning. Generally, the lifespan range of Yamaha 300 outboards lasts 1500 hours to over 3000 hours.


The outboard is the most important component for your boat. So, Proper selection is necessary. In the market, Lots of companies producing outboards. 

Among them, Suzuki 300hp and Yamaha 300hp are the most popular. So, In the article, I will provide you with an in-depth comparison between them which might help you select one.

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