Are Suzuki Outboards Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Suzuki is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known Japanese automobile manufacturers. The corporation has been in operation for almost a hundred years.

Then you may ask, are the products really that good that the company has been doing business for that long? Can you rely on these motors?

Well, the Suzuki outboards are incredible since the beginning. That’s why they are still producing newer and more efficient motors for various machines.

Their Outboards are some reliable motors for boats and the users have praised the performance. You can check this article to learn more about the user reviews and

How Good Suzuki Outboards Are?

Suzuki Marine introduced its first outboard engine in 1965, despite the fact that Suzuki has been manufacturing for more than 100 years.

Suzuki has produced a large number of goods and dabbled in the automotive, motorbike, and marine sectors over those decades.

The Global Suzuki website highlights how far its automobiles have progressed and how it arrived at its current position.

Suzuki began by focusing on two-stroke outboard engines. It wasn’t till 1994 that it started producing two-cylinder four-stroke engines. Over time, those four-stroke engines were upgraded to four, and then six, cylinders for larger boats.

Suzuki now offers outboard motors for a wide range of leisure boats, both large and small. While Suzuki has always had some followers, more people are jumping on board and converting to Suzuki since some of the most major names aren’t as dependable.

The brand’s reliability was also recognized. Suzuki has won the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Most Innovative Products award several times throughout the years. Between 1987 and 2017, they received this award a number of times.

If you want to pick one of the best outboard engines you cannot leave Suzuki out of the list. Even some of the reviewers have picked it as their first choice.

How Reliable Are Suzuki Outboards?

Suzuki is famed for its motors, and those who have used its outboard engines said that, with regular care, these engines may endure thousands of hours.

They’re rarely in need of maintenance. If they have any problem then they’re quite simple to fix, which is a crucial consideration when purchasing a motor.

People who have used Suzuki outboards have reported that they have found the engine working for them for a long time and there have been very few records of breakdowns while using them. You can say they are pretty reliable in that case.

Suzuki even gave 3 years of warranty. However, they now provide 5-year warranty coverage for non-commercial usage and a one-year warranty for commercial or rental use on new outboards.

And their customer care is one of the best which helps the customers in every situation.

That’s why you can rely on Suzuki outboards.

How Durable Are Suzuki Outboards?

According to the opinion on numerous boating sites, Suzuki Marine produces one of the most dependable 4-stroke outboard motors on the current market.

Suzuki is increasing in popularity, despite not being as well-known as some other marine outboard companies.

That’s because other manufacturers are known to break down more frequently than Suzuki, despite the fact that Suzuki has shown to be more robust and trustworthy.

What About Older Suzuki Outboards?

Suzuki started to make Outboards in 1965. From then on, the company has been making more and more outboards with different features and specifications.

You will not see a 100 years old Suzuki motor around. But a 20-25 years old product can be found in some market and they are still doing their jobs pretty well.

Not many other companies have that old engine available in a 2nd hand market. even if you find some, most of them won’t work properly.

But Suzuki is different. Even in old days, they perform well.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

Suzuki usually tries to provide you with the components you need, however, the older the motor, the fewer parts are likely to be available. To some extent, availability is determined by the number of models for which a certain part was used and the number of years for which your model was manufactured.

The company’s identification tag is usually located on the starboard (right) side of the engine mount bracket.

If you write down everything on the model designator, including all prefixes and suffixes, and present it to your Suzuki dealer, they will do all they can to assist you to find replacement components for your older Suzuki outboard.

What Are Typical Problems With Suzuki Outboards?

Suzuki outboards are normally trouble-free engines. however, some minor issues can be pointed out.

Motor Starting Failure:

The trouble to start a Suzuki four-stroke motor is one of the most typical complaints among Suzuki four-stroke motor owners.

According to the customer’s experience, the motor occasionally takes longer to start than normal or does not start at all.

It normally happens when you have problems with the primer bulb or the outboard motor’s fuel line.

Acceleration Issue on High RPM:

The evident struggle while the acceleration is another typical technical issue with Suzuki outboard motors. The engine may splutter at high RPMs on occasion.

Filters that are broken, leaky, or clogged can create sputtering in outboard motors at higher RPM speeds.

Fuel Or Oil Starving Issue:

Some Suzuki 4-stroke engine owners have reported that their engines have begun to consume more oil than normal and that the engine is running out of oil faster than anticipated.

Not only that, but one of the users also reported that after additional inspection, he discovered that one of the spark plugs had already burned out.

Motor May Lose Power:

Power loss might be caused by broken spark plugs, twists in the fuel lines, or clogged fuel filters.

How Long Do Suzuki Outboards Last Compared To Similar Brands?

A Suzuki outboard motor, like every other outboard motor brand, should endure between 1,500 and 2,000 hours of use.

According to industry surveys, the average boater operates his engine for 200 hours each year. So, if you do the math, an outboard engine should provide you with 7-8 years of reasonably trouble-free boating.

Suzuki outboard motors are also noted for their dependability and ease of use. It’s fairly uncommon to see comments on forums from folks who have used the product for many more hours with no problems.

Replacing your oil after 50 hours of operation and cleaning your outboard engine with fresh water on a routine basis, on the other hand, may help your outboard engine survive 10 or even 20 years.

Do Suzuki Outboards Hold Their Value?

Suzuki outboards are the most cost-effective. The firm provides motors that are durable, dependable, and trouble-free.

They are more durable than normal. It’s also robust, light, and long-lasting.

Due to its use of strong materials, superior building processes, and different designs, its resale value is among the greatest in the market, ensuring that it will appeal to a wide range of customers even after years of use and will endure for many more years.

Are Suzuki Outboards Still Being Made?

Suzuki is still making incredible motors for various types of machines. The Outboards are also one of the parts of it.

They build two different types of outboards.

2-stroke outboards and 4-stroke outboards. Both of these engines are great and serve different meanings.

You can check the details of different models of these two kinds of engines on Suzuki’s website.

Final Thoughts

Suzuki is a top brand in the outboard market. They have been making durable and reliable engines for their boats.

That’s when Suzuki comes in. They always build top-quality products within the budget. For a long-lasting experience and trouble-free performance, people love to use Suzuki outboards.

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