Suzuki vs Yamaha Outboard: Detailed Comparison

Outboard motors have made a revolutionary change in the Marine industry. It has pumped up the boating experience of all kinds. 

Several brands are offering different outboard engines today. To take specific names, Suzuki and Yamaha’s outboard motors are there. They have already created controversy, Suzuki vs. Yamaha Outboard Engines. 

Both Suzuki and Yamaha are Japanese brands that are currently ruling the market. Even many Mercury/Evinrude engine users have converted to Yamaha or Suzuki. Why so? Cause, the Yamaha and Suzuki engines are performing as great as people are wanting to go long. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into the details of these two giants out there.

Comparison Chart – Suzuki vs. Yamaha Outboard

Suzuki OutboardYamaha Outboard
Best reliable outboard engineNo doubt on the reliability
Less efficient in speed but good in overall performanceMore efficient in speed and performance is good to go
The quieter engine and excellent noise cancellationComparably noisy engine
Maintenance can be a little hardBetter maintenance available
The looks and shapes look incredibleLooks are good enough to work 
Long-lasting warrantyShort period warranty than Suzuki
Best quality with the least priceExpensive engine offering great quality

In-depth Discussion – Suzuki vs. Yamaha Outboard:

From the comparison chart above you can see the quick differences between Suzuki and Yamaha engines. Now, let’s figure out the details and explore.

Reliability and Performance

Let’s not talk about the flashy numbers today. Let’s talk from the perspective of you and me, the general anglers. The reliability of outboard engines is the most crucial aspect. Now, what does reliability refer to? 

Well, it means the capability of an outboard engine to merge with the boat weight, capacity, and ability to ensure the safety and security of the passengers. If we race Suzuki and Yamaha engines in this term, there is no loser. Cause, both of these outstanding engines are highly reliable. They are4 doing their job greatly for years. 

Back in the late ’90s or 20’s you could say Suzuki is doing greater than Yamaha. But, now Yamaha has upgraded a lot of things and is giving tough competition to Suzuki in reliability. Still, Suzuki is doing a little better in this field. 

Talking about performance, both of these companies are making better Horse Power engines with upgraded torque. So, both engines provide excellent overall performance. 

Gear Case and Appearance

Gearcase is all about overheating, impact, load unit, and the functions for the hulls. Suzuki wins over Yamaha here. The users claim that they needed to get more replacement or services on Yamaha than Suzuki. 

Let’s talk about appearance now. Although, the looks and appearance don’t have anything to do with the engine performance. 

But, if you are a person who loves to get the classiest look around in everything, then you are going to love the Suzuki engine’s look. 

Most of the engines Suzuki makes are covered in Black matte finished color with different top colors. Especially in better HP engines, you will get a red top finish. The engines are also available in White colors with different designing colors. 

The shape of the Yamaha engines is a little curvier than the Suzuki. Most of the engines are available in Black or Ash color. 

Whites are also there in other HP engines. Users are prone to both the brand design and color variety equally. You can not make one clear winner in this case.

Speed and Charging

Speed is something highly necessary for a good boating experience. Keeping that in mind, Yamaha builds engines capable of providing that much speed. 

For a boat race or family recreation, Yamaha engines will provide you enough speed. 

On the other hand, Suzuki is lagging behind a bit in speeding. It won’t disappoint you with running speed but not as fast as Yamaha. So, Yamaha is the winner.

Noise control and Fuel Economy

Excessive engine sound is enough to ruin your perfect day of boating. That continuous noises may irritate you too and spoil your mood. To ensure the serenity of the journey you need a quieter engine.

Keeping the customer’s tranquility assurance as a prime factor Suzuki has come up with their quiet engines. It beats not only Yamaha but also all other brands in noise control for sure. 

While riding on the boat you may often wonder if the engine is running or not. Don’t worry! Suzuki has covered it all. It runs smoother and with minimal noise appearance. 

On the other hand, Yamaha has a noisier engine. The more you speed up the noise becomes louder. It becomes unbearable for the passengers sometimes. Yamaha needs to improve their engine’s noise control system.

Propping and Assembly

There are a lot of props used in an engine. From the propeller to the case. Yamaha does a great job in propping. The material of the props is of great quality. So all the building comes out the best in Yamaha engines.

Suzuki also uses quality material. But in a real-life situation, they need more services and additional improvements. So, Yamaha beats Suzuki in propping.

Moving on to the assembly of the engine. It is not always possible to take your outboard engine to the service point. 

You may need to open up the engine on your own, fix the problem, and set up the engine again. You are not a professional. So, you need an engine with easier assembly.

Suzuki engines are designed in a way that anyone can understand the functionalities easily. 

Again, the assembling structure is also made very strategically and easy to understand. So, you do not need to be a professional to fix the small problems in your engine and reassemble it.

Yamaha engine construction is quite different. It is technical and not easy to understand for general people. So, the reassembling process becomes difficult to do on your own. 

Warranty and Price Value

Suzuki outboard engines come with a 6-year warranty. Which is a pretty long-term warranty period. Also, the price value of Suzuki engines is way reasonable. 

You can get a Suzuki engine for 30-40% less money than Yamaha ones. Great quality at less price, sounds like a great deal, right?

Yamaha engines come with a warranty of 3 years. Some of the newer models of Yamaha outboard engines have 5 years of warranty. The price value of Yamaha engines is pretty expensive. Although, you will get a great engine you have to spend a good amount to get it. It is a huge investment.

Suzuki or Yamaha Outboard – Which one to choose?

Choosing between Suzuki and Yamaha Outboard engines is not so easy yet not so difficult as well. 

You see, each brand of engine has some advantages and disadvantages. So, you can say, both engines work well in their way.

If you are looking for something simple yet offers the best quality, you can surely go for Suzuki. With less noise and simpler design Suzuki will offer you its best. 

But if you are looking for something robust and best in speed, Yamaha is the right choice for you. 

So, before getting one outboard engine make sure you keep up with the necessity. Align your needs and demands with the offerings of the engine. Thus you will be able to grab the best one for your boat. 


Are Yamaha outboards better than Suzuki?

In some ways, the Yamaha outboard is better than the Suzuki. But according to the user experience, professional anglers prefer Suzuki outboard engines over Yamaha outboard engines.

Is Suzuki cheaper than Yamaha?

Yes, Suzuki is cheaper than Yamaha. Instead of being cheap Suzuki doesn’t cut corners in quality.

What is the most reliable outboard motor brand?

Focusing on reliability, four names come along, Mercury, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Evinrude. They are the most demanding and reliable outboard engines on the current market.

Is Yamaha the best outboard motor?

Considering quality you can say, Yamaha is the best outboard motor. But, this opinion often varies to different users. Because other users focus on different specifications. So, they set up their own “Best” tag according to their choice of meet-up.

Why are Yamaha outboards so expensive?

Yamaha outboards are expensive because they offer their motors built with the best quality. Besides quality, Yamaha takes care of all other trifling factors to keep the engine healthy and running like a pro. So, you get a rust and corrosion-free super healthy engine for your beloved boat. 

Final Words

Now, we have come to the end of the discussion, Suzuki vs. Yamaha Outboard Engines. After getting a detailed idea of each of the brand engines, you can now choose one for yours. 

Remember, getting the best outboard motor is not the only thing to ensure the best experience. You must maintain and check the motor now and then after covering a good amount of hours running. It is better if you check in every one thousand hours of running. 

Moreover, for avoiding accidents and explosions, check your engine before every start while getting into the water. Best wishes with your best outboard engine!

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