Are Tidewater Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Tidewater boats are many people’s choices for cruising, saltwater fishing, and freshwater fishing. They are quite affordable and great for use.

However, are they good and reliable? Can you buy these boats for fishing or cruises? Are they good for the price?

Well, these boats are reliable for that cheap price rate and durable for long use. You can get one for different purposes. Some of the models are good for fishing and some are best for enjoying a trip.

But, altogether, these boats are great for anyone who is looking for buying a new boat. In this article, hence, I will tell you more about the Tidewater boats and everything that you should know before buying one.

How Good Tidewater Boats Are?

Tidewater Boats was founded in 2006 by several former Sea Pro Boats personnel, including Jimmy Metts, the company’s president.

They set out to make boats that were both inexpensive and suitable for offshore fishing and regular leisure boating.

The Tidewater brand, as a company that seeks to build at a cheap cost, faces the same difficulties as other low-cost producers.

When compared to more expensively made boats, there is an unavoidable decline in quality. There have been both harsh critics and ardent supporters of the brand.

How Reliable Are Tidewater Boats?

The tidewater boats are quite impressive in the price range. Not many boats of the low budget range offer great quality and durability like the Tidewater.

However, many users found the boats somewhat problematic in some cases. It is normal for a low-budget boat to have some minor technical issues.

Some people find electrical issues that happen sometimes in the control panel. Some found problems with their hardtop. Some said they found broken materials.

All of these are common in similar value brands. But Tidewater tries to support the customers through their customer service and quick response.

During the mid of 2010, there were lots of negative comments flooding the forums about the bad sides of Tidewater. However, they have improved a lot after all that. And people are sharing how awesome these boats are!

Thus, you can be sure of the reliability of Tidewater boats.

How Durable Are Tidewater Boats?

Tidewater Boats appear to be as durable as other boats of comparable quality. A few versions, even new ones, have cracks in the fiberglass and gel coat.

These issues are less typical in higher-end models, but they are not rare in this price range.

Some owners have expressed dissatisfaction with the boat’s upholstery. Cushions separating or coming apart at the seams seem to be the most common cause of these issues.

Because the upholstery comes with a one-year warranty, several owners have been dissatisfied with the response they’ve received when seeking to get the damaged cushions replaced.

The building technique and quality appear to be good to that of other producers in the same price range.

What About Older Tidewater Boats?

Tidewater boats are quite new in the market. The company started building boats in 2006 and not many older models are found.

The earliest boats they produced appear to be as durable as modern models. Over time, higher-end boats with better manufacture will have fewer issues.

Because Tidewater is targeted at competing with less-expensive companies, older Tidewater boats will exhibit issues common to that price point.

Cracks in the hull and the gel coat are the main culprits.

Most of the low-price boats show similar problems. However, the newer models tend to be more problem-free than the older ones.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

Major parts from their previous models are still being manufactured because they are relatively new.

They’re easy to get by thanks to the dealer network.

The few items that are no longer manufactured can sometimes be purchased from the dealer network or the original company.

What Are Typical Problems With Tidewater Boats?

There are some common problems in Tidewater boats that you will find in other similar price point boats from different companies.

Some of the issues identified by Tidewater boat owners are common to all fiberglass boats: hull cracks and gel coat cracks along the deck.

Furthermore, several of the pillow snaps have broken loose from the fiberglass.

Spider fractures in the gel coat, on the other hand, became a big problem for Tidewater in the mid-2010s. The company’s efforts to address the issue and make their owners happy were detailed in detail on their owners’ forum.

They have also been having powder coat concerns at the time, but the difficulties were broader than simply their brand. Many users have expressed dissatisfaction with the ride.

Although being built to sail gently over a steep sea, some passengers claim that the boat’s broad bow and firm chines make for a bumpy ride.

Some have claimed that the deadrise angle is inferior to that of similar models.

There are many negative comments that you can find and some bitter experiences that can make you feel doubt about buying Tidewater boats. But that’s good for you as you will check them before buying.

However, you will also find counter comments and positive sides of these boats which will give you confidence for buying these boats.

How Long Do Tidewater Boats Last Compared To Similar Brands?

Well, this is a tough question to answer because it’s been only several years since the Tidewater boats have embarked on the boat-making business.

Nonetheless, when users of older Tidewater hulls compare their boats to those of owners of rival brands of comparable quality, it does not appear that Tidewater is any less durable.

It’s always important to think about how well the boat has been cared for during its life.

An older, lower-quality boat that has gotten the best care is likely to be in better form than a newer, higher-quality boat that has been left out in the weather and neglected.

Do Tidewater Boats Hold Their Value?

It should be safe to say that these are made for budget buying. They are quite inexpensive and provide good quality.

But if we compare the boats to an expensive feature boat then that wouldn’t do any justice to them.

Hence, I can say they are great in the price range and are an excellent choice compared to many other similar range boats.

Are Tidewater Boats Still Being Made?

The company making Tidewater boats is working to expand the business and running it strongly.

They have been making amazing boats for different needs.

Tidewater’s Bay Max and Carolina Bay series have bay boats ranging in size from 19 to 27 ft. Both types include dual live wells, big consoles, and plenty of casting places in the bow and deck.

Furthermore, the Carolina Bay series, which ranges in length from 20 to 27 feet, has a significantly wider bow casting area and more flair for a smoother ride in harsher circumstances.

The Adventure and LXF series of Tidewater center consoles are available in sizes ranging from 18 to 32 feet. The Adventure series was created with anglers in mind, having greater cockpit floor space aft and plenty of rod holders.

Built on the very same robust hull, the LXF series features full bench seating aft as well as extended lounge seating in the bow region. Both types include hinged bow backrests and cushion seating, making them suitable for families.

Final Thoughts

Tidewater boats are one of the best that you can buy in the cheap budget range. There are also other companies that can compete with them but people who have used this company’s boats are mostly satisfied with the durability and reliability.

Their post-buying services are also great that people like to buy from them as they can help them in any situation.

Just like other low-budget boats Tidewater also has some problems but that aside if you are looking for a low-price boat then you should definitely check the Tidewater.

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