Are Tohatsu Outboards Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Tohatsu is the oldest Japanese outboard manufacturer, which has been offering some outstanding outboard. Also, Tohatsu outboard motors are widely recognized as bullet-proof motors.

But are Tohatsu outboard any good or reliable enough to consider as a top-rated option?

So, let’s find out the answer together –

How Good Tohatsu Outboard Are?

Tohatsu outboard motors are designed and engineered with ocean-tested technology so that these outboards can even smoothly operate under intense demand and harsh weather conditions.

Tohatsu offers a wide range of strong, durable, and long-lasting outboard engines. Such as TLDI Series, Four Stroke Large, Four Stroke Mid-Range, to their Four Stroke Portables to serve all types of consumer demand.

How Durable And Reliable Are Tohatsu Outboard? 

Undoubtedly, Tohatsu Corp. offers one of the toughest, most reliable outboard engines. Tohatsu motors are constructed by the highest quality raw materials combined with Simpliq™ Technology, which ensures simplicity in integration, interface, and quality.

Tohatsu prioritizes developing engines that are lightweight and have an attractive compact look without compromising the performance quality.

Even Tohatsu offers motors with that power ranges of 250 hp, 225 hp, 200 hp, and 150 hp to deliver high-speed performance.

Tohatsu offers an outstanding lineup of two-stroke, four-stroke outboard motors, and these motors are portable enough to carry.

Each Tohatsu outboard is built with a combination of outstanding design, high-quality materials, and excellent technology to offer the ultimate boating experience.

Initially, Tohatsu outboards were commercialized for fishermen, who cruise mostly in saltwater, but Tohatsu outboards are perfectly suited for both fresh and saltwater applications. Also, all Tohatsu outboards are specially coated with unique paint to resist saltwater corrosion.

Besides proving the reliability, durability, and user comfort, Tohatsu outboards are also come at very reasonable pricing and last well because of their solid constructions.

Does Tohatsu Recall Any Of Its Previous Models or Parts? 

In 2008, Tohatsu Corp. recalled high-pressure fuel filters in certain 70hp and 90hp TLDI models.

After the company discovered that some of the MD70B and MD90B series, bolts in the upper cowl are not connected securely, and as a result, they have a tendency of coming off.

If that happens, the bolt will rub a hole in the high-pressure fuel filter, which will eventually cause fuel leakage from the filter.

This below table shows which models and serial numbers are affected so have a look at it-


Affected Tohatsu ModelsAffected Serial Numbers
MD70B TLDI70242 ~ #70380/
005727XC ~ #050489XC/
005094XD ~ #062400XD/
005965XE ~ #050482XE/
006653XF ~ #074628XF/
005380XG ~ #014128XG
MD90B TLDI00766 ~ #00999/
005742XC ~ #050505XC/
005113XD ~ #062445XD/
006004XE ~ #050545XE/
006679XF ~ #074719XF/
005415XG ~ #014253XG

Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of Tohatsu Outboard?  

All Tohatsu outboard engines are exclusively manufactured in Japan. In 2005, Tohatsu Corp. built a 370,000 square feet warehouse in central Japan. Reportedly, this warehouse has a production capacity of more than 200,000 outboards per year.

What Are Typical Problems With Tohatsu Outboard? 

Although most users claim that Tohatsu offers some of the most reliable, solid, long-lasting, and cost-effective outboard models, there are some common minor issues that some users encounter with their Tohatsu outboards.

Some users have claimed that they encountered a lack of power issues on their Tohatsu outboard and according to some users it happened with the new outboard too.

Well, the good news is, not all Tohatsu outboard models have this problem, and only a few models like Tohatsu 25 2 stroke motor have this power lacking issue.

Another common issue that many users mentioned is sparking issues after several years of use. But technically, it is not particularly Tohatsu outboard’s problem, and low sparking or no sparking issue can arise on any vehicle when it gets older.

Some users also encountered engine overheating issues, and some of Tohatsu older outboard models have that issue on them. But the latest models of Tohatsu outboard are featured with advanced heat resistance technology to prevent that problem.

How Long Do Tohatsu Outboard Last Compared To Similar Brands?  

Tohatsu two-stroke and four-stroke outboards are capable of a lasting minimum of 1,500 hours, and if you operate the outboard on average 200 hours annually, it will last for a minimum of 7 to 8 years.

Unless you have encountered any accident or an aggressive user, this is the standard lasting period for any outboard.

However, maintenance also plays a vital role in determining the longevity of the outboard so, if you are following the instructions accordingly and taking proper care of your outboard, it can last longer than the expected time frame.

Also, Tohatsu offers five years of limited warranty with all its outboard models.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To Tohatsu Outboard?   

Besides Tohatsu outboard, you can also opt for other top-class brands like MERCURY, EVINRUDE, SUZUKI, YAMAHA, and HONDA.

Are Tohatsu Outboard Still Being Made?  

Yes, Tohatsu is continuing its portable, two-stroke, four strokes, TLDI and mid-range outboards production in Japan.

Final Thoughts

Tohatsu Corp. always aims to produce an outboard that comes in a sleek, attractive look and delivers a high-quality performance so that people can enjoy a smarter, more exciting boating experience.

Tohatsu outboards are not only rich in quality, durability, and reliability, but these outboards are available at very affordable pricing too.

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