How to Troubleshoot Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump Problems?

The Outboard fuel pump is one of the most vital parts of our vehicles as it helps to deliver fuel. That is why it is necessary to use a good one & many of us use the Johnson outboard fuel pump. They are strong, work smoothly & come in all sizes. But, there is no such thing as infinite good.

Many of us are facing problems with the Johnson outboard fuel pumps. Sometimes the outboard engine isn’t working smoothly, sometimes fuels are running out faster. While many of us want to know about How to Troubleshoot Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump Problems, some of us just want to identify the Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump Problems,

No Worries! Here, we will cover everything about the Johnson outboard fuel pump problems. We will share the common johnson outboard fuel pump problems, we will broadly discuss the symptoms & how to easily identify them. Not only that, we will also discuss Johnson outboard fuel pump problems troubleshooting. 

What are the Common Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump Problems?

There can be different kinds of problems in the fuel pump. There can be different engine problems, battery issues, losing fuels rapidly etc  . And when there is a problem with the fuel pump we cannot even use our boats. But hey! There is always a solution.

The Common Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump Problems:

  1. Battery Issues
  2. Clogs & Blockages Problem
  3. Problem With the Entire Engine
  4. Leaking Problem
  5. Rapidly Fuel Usage Problem

Are you already frustrated? Like we said, do not worry. We have already done the tricky & difficult part for you. We will discuss each & everything you need to know about the problems. We will help you identify it by telling you their symptoms and of course we will provide solutions for each of the problems.

So without further delay, Let’s Go!

How to Troubleshoot Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump Problems?

You need to be a bit patient & careful while doing the work. It’s easy to identify the problems the Johnson outboard fuel pump might have. And if you take sufficient steps you’ll be able to solve them pretty easily as well.

1. Battery Issues:

This is a common problem in the Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump. Many of us have faced it without even having a single idea of it.

So how can you know there is a battery problem in the fuel pump of the johnson outboard motor? Well, usually when we start the engine we can hear a noise. The sound of the engaging fuel pump. If the fuel pump has a battery problem it is likely you won’t be able to hear that sound.

That is why you need to check the battery & see if everything’s alright. Generally, no matter which fuel pump you are using, it is recommended that you should replace it every 3 years. We suggest you see a mechanic and then fix or replace the battery. As this is a major problem, you should solve it as soon as you can.

2. Clogs & Blockages Problem:

Another major problem is the clogs & blockages problem. If there are clogs or any kind of blockages in the way you won’t get a consistent flow.

What are the symptoms of it? Your fuel pump might misfire or sputter. You might experience losing speed while riding as well.

So, check the system and make sure there isn’t any sign of a clogged fuel filter. If there are any kind of blockages try to clear it immediately.

3. Problem With the Entire Engine:

This is the biggest problem out there. Many of the Johnson outboard motors have a diaphragm.  What if the diaphragm is of no use? What if it is completely destroyed? What will happen then?

Well, then it won’t be able to pump fuel at all. Although it is a problem within the entire engine, many of us fail to notice it.

Take it to a mechanic & he can broadly tell you more about it. You might have to spend quite a big amount of money here, but remember it’s the most important part. So, we hope you don’t get this problem.

Also, try to have routine maintenance. With proper routine maintenance all the johnson outboard motor problems can be solved.  Remember to read the guidelines well and then use the right tools for maintenance. This way the fuel pumps can be usable for a longer period.

4. Leaking Problem:

This is another common problem. Sometimes fuel can leak & easily come out of the pump housing. It is because the diaphragm can become worn. So we suggest you check the diaphragm and also check if there is any leaking problem.

You should fix the diaphragm and stop the leakage fast. Because it can stop the engine from running properly. Again, as we suggested you take proper routine maintenance. If you do so, you can notice these kinds of problems immediately & prevent major problems.

5. Rapidly Fuel Usage Problem:

The rapid usage of fuel is the most frustrating problem according to us. Not only it causes problems for the fuel pump but also we have to spend extra money for it.

How to identify it? Well, it is really easy to do so. If you think the fuel is running out too fast or the tank isn’t lasting as long as it should, you might have this problem.

Solving this is really necessary. If you are having this problem for a long time, don’t waste any more time, show it to a mechanic. However, you can also use fuel stabilizers as well to prevent this problem from happening.

It will help you to remove carbon deposits and also the fuel will be in good shape. Also when you are not using the vehicle, the fuel will be completely protected. So there is no chance that the rapid fuel usage problem can occur if you conduct a routine maintenance & use fuel stabilizer.

Now you broadly know about How to Troubleshoot Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump Problems.  We hope you can implement everything & make the experiences a lot better for yourself. 

Final Verdict

The Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump Problems can cause us quite a trouble. It can make us do a lot of hard work & it can be time consuming too. But with proper guidelines & good implementation it can be easier.

Now that you know about Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump Problems, we hope you will be able to easily identify them. Not only that, if you’ve read the entire article thoroughly we hope you have got a good idea on Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump Problems Troubleshooting. So even if you have any problems, identify them properly and solve them.

If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know. Till then, drive safe & take care.

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