Are Century Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Century Boats claims that they have been in this industry for over 90 years and have a proud history of building high-quality classic boats for both fishing and family boating.

But are they good and reliable?

Let’s find out the actual worth or value of the Century boats from today’s article.

How Good Century Boats Are?

Century Boats are loaded with classic and standard features to ensure the highest fishability, luxury, reliability and affordability. Each boat is constructed with 100% quality composite materials and the latest reinforcement technology.

These boats feature laid fiberglass and 316 stainless throughout construction, as well as Power Command Centers, advanced storage solutions, and factory-installed performance stereos to provide state-of-the-art approaches.

How Durable Or Reliable Are Century Boats? 

Century brand is committed to innovation, and they have already proven by creating some of the best boating solutions.

From bow to stern, Century boats are made with 100% composite construction, and the company is partnered with Vectorply Corporation to ensure that the used glass and core materials of their boat production are the latest in reinforcement technology.

Century boats are also equipped with Raymarine factory-installed electronics, which is leading the recreational boating market with its high-performance marine electronics.

These boats feature Rigid Integrated Beams to improve hull strength without increasing the overall weight and also feature Bronze thru-hulls to enhance the reliability below the waterline.

For better functionality, Century used Mate Series™ rod and cup holders in its boat models as well as installed Steering Wheel of Optional Edson® brand to offer better grip and user flexibility.

Besides those, each Century boat features a unique fusion stereo and eBox, which you can play via fusion Bluetooth to enjoy music.

Have Century Boats Recalled Any Of Its Previous Models or Parts? 

According to the U.S. Coast Guard or USCG, there is no record of boat model or any parts recall for Century Boat Company.

Also, the company has not made any recall announcement within its over 94 years of business, which indicates the worth of each Century boat.

Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of Century Boats?  

Initially, in 1980, Century boat company had its manufacturing facility in Panama City, Fla. Even after Motor Corp. acquired the company in 1995, Century continued its production in the same manufacturing plant.

So, all 80s and 90s models of Century company were built in Panama City, Fla.

But after Allcraft Marine acquired Century boats in 2012, they shifted the manufacturing facility of Century brand in Zephyrhills, Fla, and still, the production of Century boats is taking place in that new location.

What Are Typical Problems With Century Boats? 

Most users claim that besides some common and minor boat issues that arise with all boats, there is no major lacking in Century boat’s technical and construction quality.

Occasionally, with some of the models, users have noticed hull issues or complained about the insufficient space for passengers.

Apart from those two issues, some of the most common boat problems such as engine or fuel tank failure, loose wiring or electrical systems malfunctioning, Bilge pump failure, cabin or lower unit leaking issues may arise when the boats get older.

How Long Do Century Boats Last Compared To Similar Brands?  

Reportedly all Bulls Bay Boats are built to meet the standard longevity rate. However, how long the boat will last also depend on two facts- one is how aggressively you use the boat, and another fact is the maintenance.

There is a maintenance standard, which helps to enhance the boat’s lifespan. As long as you keep those in mind and follow all scheduled servicing, your boat will last for a longer period.

Do Century Boats Still Make Parts For Older Models?  

Regarding Century brand’s older models and their replacement parts, there is no official declaration. But the company suggests contacting its authorized dealers or direct mail at for any queries or assistance.

However, if you are looking for parts of any Century older boat model, you can get help from AA Marine. They are still manufacturing the original re-production parts for Century boats, and you can directly email at with all details.

Besides AA Marine, you can also find Century older model’s parts in another retailer site called

What Are The Best Century Boats? 

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Century Brand’s Boat models-

  • 2018 Century 2901 CC
  • 2018 Century 2600 CC
  • 2014Century 3200 CC
  • 2005 Century 2600 Walkaround
  • 2002 Century 3200 WA

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To Century Boats?   

Besides the excellent classic boat models from the Century Boat brand, some other brands can also offer you the best alternatives. 

Such as Cobia, Boston Whaler, Grady-White, Pursuit, and Maritime Boats.

Are Century Boats  Still Being Made?  

Yes, the company is still in the business. After Yamaha decided and officially declared to discontinue, Century boats were purchased by Allcraft Marine in 2012.

Allcraft Marine relocated Century boats manufacturing location Zephyrhills, Fla and, till this date, the company is continuing production of a full line of saltwater fishing boats from 22′ to 32′ express, walkaround, center console, and dual console models.

Final Thoughts

Century has an excellent team that keeps an eye on the smallest details to ensure that each of the boat models they create is better than the previous model. Also, the company makes sure that each boat contains the latest innovative design and technology to provide the ultimate luxurious boating and fishing experience.

Therefore, if you want a classic boat that is rich in quality but comes at affordable range, try to consider Century Boats.

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