How to Tell What OMC Outdrive You Have? (4 Steps To Find)

OMC Outdrive is one of the most important parts of a marine vehicle. This part was invented and developed by Outboard Marine Corporation or OMC Corporation. This part is also known as OMC Sterndrive, and OMC Outdrive Cobra. 

The role of an OMC Outdrive is very important. Basically, this part drives the vehicle on the water. But problems come when this part faces some problem and you go to a mechanic to change it. Knowing the OMC Outdrive model is one of the toughest things that are related to this part. 

People want to know what OMC Outdrive they have in their boat but the solution is rare. Very few people know about this and you will not get anything on the internet on OMC Outdrive identification. For this reason, this article is going to tell what OMC Outdrive you have.

How to Tell What OMC Outdrive You Have:

The identification of an OMC Outdrive depends on its model and serial number. If you can get this from the identification plate then you will be able to know what OMC Outdrive your boat is having. But how to find the serial number and model number? Let’s see that.

  • Step 1: There are three identification plates of an OMC Outdrive. The name of them is the Upper, the Lower, and the Bell Housing. To know the model and serial, you have to remove them from the body. You may find this on the engine valve cover too. Check both parts.
  • Step 2: Then you will find a code that has three numbers and letters. The serial number is mainly deffers one OMC Outdrive to another. The model number just identifies the model of the boat.
  • Step 3: You also need to write down the serial number of all the identification plates and the model number also. This will help you match this one with the new one.
  • Step 4: The serial number has some specific color code too. But this is just for the experts.

Thus, you will be able to know what OMC Outdrive you have. This is actually the identification process of your OMC Outdrive. This is a bit complex way for inexperienced people. But there is no other way except this.

Why You Need to Identify OMC Outdrive?

This is one of the questions that have well-known answers but yet there is something more to know. Why do you need to identify your OMC Outdrive? The answer is to select a new OMC Outdrive while replacing the old one.

After a period of time, our OMC Outdrive or Sterndrive will lose its original power and workability. Then we have to change it. But finding a suitable OMC Outdrive for our boat model is the toughest thing. The main problem we face here is matching the model and the serial number of its plates.

Because not only SL and model are important here. We also have to find the year of making the boat. For all these problematic things, we need to identify the OMC Outdrive of our boat accurately.

Can You Use An OMC Outdrive if the SL Number is Different?

Once there was a time when the Serial number and Model is different but they could be used in most of the boats. This was for 5.0L and the 5.7L engines of 1988 and also for Ford 5.8 engine. But later this thing changes.

If you are using a boat that is of before 1988 then you may use OMC Outdrive even if they have different serial numbers. But the later versions of your engine may not accept this. In that case, you have to talk with a mechanic who has experience in this sector.


This is the best way to identify the OMC Outdrive you have on your boat. If you are thinking of changing this and replacing this, then try to replace it with the exact matching of model, serial, and also the making year. If you have no prior experience in OMC Outdrive, this might seem a complex process. I think you should not work on this without experience. Take help of an expert.

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