Most Common Problems with Lowrance Hook 7

Lowrance Hook 7 is one of the best fishfinders out there. It combines the CHIRP Sonar and DownScan Imaging technology. This combination allows a clear view of the underwater environment beneath the boat. 

The Hook 7 does have pinpoint accuracy and ease of use. It gets you to visit and revisit your favorite fishing spots. However, they still come with some problems and issues. In this blog, I will discuss the most common problems with Lowrance Hook 7. 

A Quick Overview to Boat Gas Tank Vent Issues and The Reasons Behind Them:

Slow refresh rate.The ‘Refresh Rate’ is set to ‘Auto’. 
Automatically turns off and on. Software problem.Lack of power.
Loses position When the boat is drifting it loses position.Antenna issue.
GPS problemsSoftware issue.
Transducer issues.Dirt/weed accumulating on transducer.Problem with power source.Faulty mounting position of the transducer.  
The system does not start.Possible voltage issue. 

1. Slow Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is slow. This causing not being able to anchor at the right spot. Especially when approaching at slow speeds, a faster refresh is needed. 

Reason for the Problem:

The refresh rate (to satellite) is by default set to ‘Auto’. Because of this, the refresh rate becomes as slow as the SOG (speed over ground). 

Possible Solution:

Set the ‘Refresh Rate’ setting to ‘Time’. Set the refresh rate to ‘1 second’. This will make the unit refresh every second.

However, this does not change the antenna refresh rate. That value is not manually adjustable. To change that, you need to get a better antenna.

But it surely solves your screen refresh rate. And even when you are approaching a destination slowly, it refreshes fast.

2. Automatic Restart

Common symptoms are turning off by itself. Then turning on again. Staying on for a few minutes and shutting off again. 

Sometimes, the first time it turns off, you need to start it. But it turns off eventually after staying on for a while. 

Reason for the Problem:

Sometimes just the battery power is not enough. Lack of power can cause the unit to shut off. 

Other times and most times, it is a software problem. 

Possible Solution:

A soft restart sometimes solves the problem. Other times, rewiring the connections help. Keep the battery in check.  

3. Loses Position

Losing position basically means the GPS not locking a position. Sometimes external installments cause this to happen. You may notice this problem after installing a structure scan for example. Or a user may have two units hooked to the structure.

However, there is no concrete proof of the other structures harming the satellite position.

Reason for the Problem:

This problem is quite common. Sometimes drifting of the boat causes it to happen. Other times, the antenna doesn’t seem to connect properly with the satellite. 

Sometimes, old software causes issues. Running two units off a single transducer allows problems as well. 

Possible Solution:

Fix the position of the satellite. If Hook 7 is connected with any other unit, then make sure the connection is secure. Otherwise, disconnect and establish a completely different unit. Engage Hook 7 only and see if the antenna works now.

Remove any external structure such as a structure scan. 

Try upgrading the software. Moreover, the first locking does take around 20 minutes or so. 

If the problem is still not fixed, contact Lowrance and get your connection checked. 

4. GPS Problems

Sometimes the GPS does not acquire a signal. The rate of uploading maps reduces. Zooming out the screen also breaks speed. Moreover, speed nearing 25 MPH also gets the GPH slowed. 

Reason for the Problem:

This happens due to software problems or hardware problems. Either the software is too old. Or the wiring of the GPS is messed up. 

Possible Solution:

Try upgrading the version of the software. Make sure all the wires are in the correct position. 

5. Transducer Issues

Common problems with transducers manifest as an incorrect reading of depth. Sometimes the transducer does not read any depth at all. Customers reported the transducer to fail below 7-8 feet. 

It usually sits and blinks. As if trying to find a reading. Otherwise, any other depth stays locked in despite going in deeper. 

It might also lose the bottom signal for a while. The auto sensitivity may deflect, especially in shallow waters. Dirty water may also cause misreadings. 

Reason for the Problem:

In case debris accumulates on the transducer, its functionality is affected. Weeds also cause the changing of the transducer position. This results in miscalculation. 

Sometimes the issue is with the auto sensitivity. 

Possible Solution:

Clean off any debris and weed stuck to the transducer first. Then disconnect and reconnect the transducer cables. See if this fixes the issue. 

Try taking off the auto sensitivity. Then lower the transducer by 50%. Check if this trick works. 

If this does not work, try doing a soft reset. Don’t update the software.

Sometimes a soft reset or fixing the auto sensitivity does not work. In that case, we have to conduct a tank test. Send your boat to Lowrance to figure out the issue.

6. System Does Not Start

The system does not power up despite having stable power connections. 

Reason for the Problem:

Usually happens due to voltage problems. The normal voltage between the pins should be 12.7 volts. 

If the voltage is okay, then it might be a grounding issue. Pins may get grounded by wires coming out of the power cord.  

Possible Solution:

If it’s a voltage issue then the battery should be changed. However, if it’s not, then we need to troubleshoot the other issues.

Remove any external device (SD card, memory card) from device slots. If this does not work then turn off the device for 10 minutes. After that turn it on. 

If that does not fix the issue, then hold the power button and the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons together. 

Upon persistence of the problem, look for grounding of pins. Sometimes bad wiring causes grounding. 

What Majority of the Users Feel About Boat Gas Tank Vent?

Most customers are okay with the Lowrance Hook 7. However, common issues like not powering up, misreading and transducer problems are very frequent. The unit shuts off in the middle of a fishing trip which is financially harmful to fishermen.  

Customers noticed that after Lowrance got taken over from Linda Colt, its quality declined. Lowrance was taken over by Cobra Electronics fairly recently.

Since then, products like Hook 7 and Elite 7 alike have been causing problems. Moreover, the customer service seems to be idling up too. Most owners don’t get a proper solution. They rather get suggested to take services by shedding a few bucks. 


Lowrance Hook 7 does provide good technology. But that cannot be enjoyed properly due to the common issues occurring frequently.

Many customers are happy with their Lowrance Hook 7 unit. Yet, gazillion others are disappointed. 

Considering this, there are many better units available in the market. It is better to go for any other unit than Lowrance Hook 7.

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