Are Parker Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Want to get a boat that gives you a premium, handcrafted experience? Trying to find luxury, high-quality along with strength and sturdiness? Maybe you already know what boat that is. Is it a Parker? Is it a 2520 XLD? You have your eyes on it but don’t know if it’s best for you?

Look no further because you just clicked the correct blog-post. Parker boats can be a dream! But of course, if you are dreaming within a limit. Reality, pfft! But the limitations can be manageable. How?

I will discuss those cons along with the pros of the Parker boats in this blog. Ready to debunk the company? Join in!

How Good Parker Boats Are?

Since the late 1960s, Parker has been making handcrafted boats! The boats are still hewn by hand to carry on the traditional goodness.

Parker boats are strong, overbuilt and simple. It appeals with its straightforward, simplistic design.

Parker boats are great utilitarian boats. They have zero to few frills. And they are a great fishing machine.

Customers love how the Deep V handles the sloppy water. It does it better than the moderate V ones. They do have pretty normal rigging though. Yet they will rarely let you down!

Going offshore with Parkers is a smooth arrangement! 30miles offshore is easy-peazy-butter-greasy with Parkers. Yes, the moderate V might be bumpy often. But nothing is such in deep Vs.

For canal cruising and bay cruising, it is pretty cool. Don’t be scared of the waves rising up. The Parkers are very stable boats.

A bonus? Their 23’ boats are true 23’ boats! If you like the warm feeling of wood in your boats, then you’ve found your boat. Don’t be intimidated by wood though. It will not bite you with rotting anytime soon.

Parkers have an iron-clad reputation universally. Especially for their durability and reliability. Parker boats are solid-built, suitable for fishing boats. If that’s what you are looking for then look nowhere else.

One of the boats that’s trending is the Parker 2520 XLD. Another one to look for is 26 SH.

How Reliable Are Parker Boats?

Parkers are nice boats. However, back in 2008, their quality declined somewhat. This is why they gained a lot of bad reputation on them.

Moreover, there are possibilities of a wet ride. The bow picks up plenty of water. Which it splashes on you.

Parkers run very nicely with a set of trim tabs. Most people do not have the wet ride issue. These are strong boats comparatively. Depending on how and where you use them of course.

Additionally, the 360 degree fishability is amazing! Although a bit shortcoming on protection fro rain. That’s just a central console thing, right?

The boats come with 10 years warranty. This is a limited lifetime warranty.

How Durable Are Parker Boats?

Although Parker boats are called ‘sea-worthy’, too far offshore and things go South. It can withstand 30 miles offshore. Any more than that and the boat may start to lose stability.

The offshore boats are strongly built. But can be victim to rotting.

Fishability is above average and satisfactory. But wooden boats shouldn’t be owned by beginners. 

Moreover, the The 21SE is one of the most durable boats for inshore fishing!

What About Older Parker Boats?

Old Parker boats from 1997 are still up and running smoothly. This includes the Parker 1800 and 1801.1800 can hold 40 gallons fuel, whereas the 1801 holds 60.

All boats before 1990 lacked marine ply on the floor. And the hull design was changed slightly back in the year 2000. Most changes include hardware changes. Some would call a ‘cosmetic’ change.

But the important thing is old Parkers are pretty strong and reliable. They run smoothly even at their 17th year mark. Trim tabs will help in rough conditions, just saying!

Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?

You can check in with Parker by sending your boat serial number. They will tell you if the parts are available or not. Another way is to verify or call the Parker factory with the boat’s HIN number.

But the good thing is, newer boats don’t have drastically changed parts. For example, the hull of the Parker 2520. Those had been produced in a 14, 16, and 21 degree deadrise configuration. This varied according to model year.

At one point, all 3 were produced as the MV, XL, and DV models.

What Are Typical Problems with Parker Boats?

One of the most common issues is dry rot. Dry rot fungus persists all-round the year. It is the least active in cold months

Parker makes sealed decks with no hatch to avoid water getting in. The wood core transoms will rot if in touch with water. . The most prone to this is the early 90’s models. The undersides of their decks didn’t get glassed over. So water can get in.

Cockpit hatches need routine maintenance. Otherwise, water saturates the tank foam. This causes tank failure.

If the hatches and O rings are not replaced at the appearance of spots, rotting will be fast.

Some would opine that these boats are pricy for what you get. I somewhat agree with this statement. There are better and stronger boats out there. Especially if you have the money.

Another issue arises when you are too offshore. Parkers can be very light. Although they are strong, they’re not built for extremely rough conditions.

How Long Do Parker Boats Last Compared to Similar Brands?

Parker boats last a lifetime. Any model of the early years can still be found. But the boat remains in a condition to reap Parker benefits up to 17-25 years.

Similar boat companies produce boats that last 17-20 years. For example the Whaler.

Do Parker Boats Hold Their Value?

Parker boats hold their value nicely. Older boats have good resell value. In fact, they have exceptionally high resell value. Although the depreciation rate is usual, Parker’s legacy comes to save the day.

Are Parker Boats Still Being Made?

Parker boats are still being made in Beaufort, North Carolina. This is under the supervision of the Linwood family.

Final Thoughts

Parker boats are versatile, fishable, strong boats. Although on the more expensive side, they are worth it.

They don’t just have a legacy for being strong. But they have a tradition of being reliable. The simplicity and clean rigs are just what you get started in these boats. For a high-quality boating experience, always rely on a Parker!

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