Are Larson Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Larson boats give you a safe and dependable journey at a price that most of us can afford. The boats are regarded for their excellent and potential to endure through several years.

The brand is famous for its fiberglass hulls and dry ride. But today, I will give you an in-depth review and show you if these boats are reliable or not.

How Good Larson Boats Are?

Larson’s fiberglass hulls surpass most of the traditional aluminum hulls. These fiberglass boats provide you peak responsiveness which in turn gives you a dry and stable journey.

Larson FX offers their customers a 5-year limited guarantee as standard, in addition to their limited lifetime structural warranty, providing you and your family with the peace of mind you deserve.

They are committed to their workmanship and to provide you, the valued client, with the finest warranty protection available in the marketplace. Larson also sells older parts and accessories for old boats

How Reliable Are Larson Boats?

Larson boats are frequently at the top of best value game boat lists. You can spend more time fishing and less time fixing and maintaining your boat with these boats. The Larson series of boats is difficult to beat for anyone seeking a quick and tidy trip.

Larson boats are known for their dependability and durability. Larson boats that are well-maintained may give hours of entertainment on the water.

The way a pleasure boat feels on the water is one of the most important aspects of it.

Larson boats are known for being one of the most comfortable to use in their pricing range.

These boats give one of the most amazing experiences available on the market for boaters focused on the experience.

How Durable Are Larson Boats?

Larson FX created its range of fishing boats with care and attention to detail, ensuring that the finished product had the dependability, practicality, and adaptability needed to capture your target species.

FX hulls have a bow keel for optimal back trolling and maximum responsiveness for a steady, dry ride. Their incredible unit-hull construction allows for excellent workmanship to produce a boat that rides smoothly.

With a Larson boat, you can concentrate on the fish while enjoying the greatest fiberglass boat available without having to worry about the boat’s performance.

What About Older Larson Boats?

Polaris has discontinued the production of Larson FX boats along with some of their other lines. But you can still buy some of their older boats from their DealerLocator page. Because of their high initial cost, it’s frequently difficult to sell a secondhand Larson for even a fraction of what you bought.

Older Larson boats may have more wood and hull problems than modern models. Larson FX will continue to offer customer service and parts support, as well as fulfill Polaris-issued warranties.

However, if you want to keep your Larson boat for a long time and don’t care about resale value, these boats are excellent investments since they are long-lasting and sturdy.

These boats are well-known for giving enjoyment for many years after purchase.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

You can get replacement parts for older models of Larson FX boats. They offer various parts and accessories for all of the models.

If you visit their Owner Resources page, you can get information about older model parts. You can also buy the parts of older models online from various sites. The Great Lakes Skipper has a wide range of older Larson parts.

Boat Outfitters also sells parts for your Larson FX boats.

What Are Typical Problems With Larson Boats?

Several Larson boats, particularly older versions, tend for water to collect in the bilge.

Water that does not drain correctly through the boat collects in the bilge and can cause a variety of problems.

These problems can result from anything from a hard day on the water to hull leaks.

Larson boats are notable for having stress cracks along the length of the hull. Many boats, including Larson boats, suffer from stress cracks along the hull.

These difficulties are less severe in newer Larson models, as they are in many other boat companies that have been operating for a few years.

The storage spaces make it easy to get to the gear and supplies you’ll need while out on the water. However, some Larson boats have a problem with the storage area’s cover cracking.

Because of their high initial cost, it’s frequently difficult to sell a secondhand Larson for even a fraction of what you bought.

This is particularly true with older Larson boats, which may have more wood and hull problems than modern models.

How Long Do Larson Boats Last Compare To Similar Brands?

Almost every internet review claims that the reviewer has been using their old fishing boat for over 10 years.

They cover 100% of materials, parts, and labor under the 5-year bow-to-stern and lifetime structural warranties, with no pro-rating, third-party hand-offs, warranty transfer fees, or “read between the lines” comments that leave you wondering.

The Larson boats are designed to endure longer than their rivals, if not as long. They have a warranty program that covers all of Larson’s product lines.

So, I can confidently state that your Larson fishing boat will function admirably for more than a decade.

Do Larson Boats Hold Their Value?

Larson boats have been providing their customers with lots of boats for decades. Their resale value is not too high. You can sell your used boat or buy used boats from different sites.

Various dealers also sell used boats. The resale value on Larson boats are given below:

Larson Hampton1993$8,900
Larson Cabrio 270 Mid Cabin1997$14,400
Larson Cabrio 270 Mid Cabin2000$14,900
Larson Cabrio 3302005$33,315
Larson Cabrio 274 Mid Cabin2007$42,028
Larson LSR 20002017$31,900

Are Larson Boats Still Being Made?

Unfortunately, new Larson boats have been discontinued from production. They have stated on 13th April 2020 on this website that the production has been stopped.

You can still buy older used boats from different dealers. Larson still officially provides old model parts.

“We deeply regret the impact this will have on our employees, boat dealers, sales representatives, suppliers – and, of course, our Rinker, Striper, and Larson FX customers,” Mack continued. “However, today’s decision will allow us to concentrate our investments on driving growth and innovation within Bennington, Godfrey, and Hurricane and strengthening our leadership in those segments.”

So, you can look at the other labels of Polaris.

Final Thoughts

Larson is recognized for producing high-quality sport boats that operate well long after they are purchased. Despite its high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, their older boat models have a few recurring issues.

These boats, on the other hand, require less maintenance and are exceptionally long-lasting. Larson boats are an excellent investment for boaters who intend to preserve and maintain their vessel. Larson boats can satisfy all of your boating demands for an inexpensive price if you can handle minor glitches and work with Larson’s helpful customer service staff when problems arise.

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