Are Silverwave Pontoon Boat Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Silverwave Pontoon claims that the company is committed to offering luxurious boating, fishing, or cruising experiences at an affordable range and they are constantly working to take this initiative to a whole new level.

But are Silver Wave Pontoon boats any good or reliable?

Let’s find out the truth together from today’s article –

How Good Silverwave Pontoon Are?

Silverwave Pontoon boats are widely popular for their semi-custom Pontoon boat line. These boats are the perfect combination of luxury, advanced technology, strongly built-up construction, and affordability.

Silverwave Pontoon boats are exclusively loaded with an impressive list of features such as premium fiberglass, advanced quality Hull design, broader storage unit, better vessel, panels, and stitches, as well as high-quality Stainless Front Gates and Ladders.

How Durable Or Reliable Are Silverwave Pontoon? 

All Silverwave Pontoon boats are specially designed engineered with more structural aluminum support and tig welds per square inch of aluminum to ensure maximum quality performance, safety, and comfort.

Silverwave boats are equipped with 16 inches centers to ensure stronger structure and enjoy the superior ride.

Also, the deck and crossmembers are carefully secured with Heavy-Duty stainless steel elevator bolt systems and the manufacturer has utilized Heavy Hat Channel along with Z Channel crossmembers to offer the strongest quality Pontoon deck.

These Pontoon boats are equipped with lifting strakes to decrease splashing and increase speed. Besides that, they also feature Seastar Hydraulic Steering to offer easier and comfortable control over steering. Also, Silverwave Pontoon offers one of the best-limited warranties.

Have Silverwave Pontoon Recalled Any Of Its Previous Models or Parts? 

Based on U.S. Coast Guard or USCG record published on its official website, there is no recall record of Silverwave Pontoon boat models.

Maybe it’s because each Silverwave boat models go through a group of strict inspections and test rides before publicly launching. Also, the company offers a custom-building option along with a test drive before purchasing.

Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of Silverwave Pontoon product lines?  

Silverwave has its 165,00 square foot manufacturing facility located in Seminole, Oklahoma, from where the company has been producing all the affordable yet luxurious Pontoon boats since 2010.

What Are Typical Problems With Silverwave Pontoon? 

Although each Silverwave boat is built with premium quality materials, the latest proven technology, and goes through several strict inspection procedures to make sure customers get the finest product, boaters can encounter some common issues with these boats.

These are the very typical problems, which can arise on any brand’s Pontoon boat overtimes.  Such as exhaust system failure, and engine overheating, sputtering, or power loss issue.

Hull failure is one of the most common issues with Pontoon boats regardless of which brand they are from, so it may occur with Silverwave Pontoon too.

When the boat gets older, you may also notice that your Pontoon boat started to fail during shifting, steering or may cause unusual vibration.

How Long Do Silverwave Pontoon Boats Last Compared To Similar Brands?  

Determining the exact lifespan of any boat is difficult since it will vary based on the model or version and how well you took care of the boat’s maintenance.

If you own a new and latest released Silverwave Pontoon boat, you can relax for at least ten to twenty years unless you encounter any major problem or accident.

That’s the standard and in general, new Silverwave boats do not require major replacement or repairing before at least 10 years.

But if you mostly cruise saltwater, and the operating rate is very often than expected, your boat may encounter certain issues after five.

Do Silverwave Pontoon Still Make Parts For Older Models?  

Silverwave Pontoon is a relatively new brand introduced by its parent company Blue Wave Boats in 2010 so, the initial models are not that old to consider as older models.

Also, the company has not stated any official confirmation about whether they still produce the replacement parts or accessories for the older models.

However, Silverwave advises the owners to directly contact the local authorized Silver Wave dealers for any queries and provide the hull number of their boat to order replacement parts.

What Are The Best Silverwave Pontoon? 

Let’s have a look at some of the popular Boat models from the Silverwave Pontoon brand-

  • 2022 2410 SW7 JS
  • 2019 Silver Wave 230 Grand Costa CLS
  • Silver Wave 250 Play
  • 2017 Silver Wave Island L 230
  • 2018 Silver Wave 230 ISLAND

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To Silverwave Pontoon?   

Silverwave Pontoon brand is well known for its semi-custom Pontoon boats collection because they are built with advanced technology, additional safety, and luxurious features.

But if you want to explore some other best alternatives, go for these following brands-

Sylvan, Crestliner, Harris Boats, Princecraft, Avalon, and Bennington Pontoon boats.

Are Silverwave Pontoon Still Being Made?  

Yes. According to the brand’s official website declaration, the company is still continuing to make semi-custom pontoon boats from the production plant located in Seminole, Oklahoma.

Final Thoughts

Though Silverwave Pontoon boats are relatively new compared to other competitors, the company is slowly but surely growing in both popularity and market demand.

So, if you are looking for an outstanding Pontoon boat that contains all the luxurious and advanced safety features but comes at an affordable price, consider Silverwave Pontoon boats.

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