Xpress Boats Review: Are They Good and Reliable?

For more than 50 years, the Xpress boats have been considered the original all-welded high-performance aluminum boats.

However, if you heard the name only recently, you must be wondering whether Xpress boats are good or not.

Well, that’s very understandable so let’s find out the actual worth of Xpress boats here.

How Good Xpress Boats Are?

Xpress used cutting-edge hulls filled with environmentally-friendly expandable foam and an Auto CAD program to design all of their boat models to ensure better-improvised fuel economy and performance.

These boats also exceed the Coast Guard strength and flotation standards. All Xpress boats are exclusively handcrafted by some of the industry’s best craftsmen to ensure solid sturdiness and better longevity.

How Durable Or Reliable Are Xpress Boats? 

Xpress boats are built with the welding method to avoid issues like a leak on the hull holes or wood rots for using wooden materials. Each Xpress boat is constructed with the finest aluminum and is 100% wood-free.

The manufacturer uses the 5052-aluminum alloy as the main component, and each part is designed with an automated computer-aided drafting program called Auto CAD to ensure a precision cut of Aluminum coils.

Xpress boats are exclusively handcrafted by a group of skilled and well-experienced welders.

Also, they use high-end hull construction to enhance both the strength and flotation level of Xpress boats.

Each Xpress boat’s hull is loaded with premium quality and environmentally-friendly expandable foam.

Even they use custom formulated paints to paint all Xpress boats, and after painting, each boat goes through large temperature-controlled ovens to cure the finish.

After assembling and installing all the final assembling parts, these boats go through several testing processes led by the Xpress Quality Control team to inspect thoroughly before reaching the actual consumers.

Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of Xpress Boats?

Xpress has been manufacturing high-quality aluminum boats from its Arkansas-based manufacturing plant and serving the marine industry since 1966.

What Are Typical Problems With Xpress Boats? 

One of the most common problems that a group of owners already mentioned is assembling or fitting errors. According to them, some of the boat models arrived without secured assembling condition.

Some of the users experienced leaking and corrosion issues because of the poor fitting done by the dealers.

For some owners, these boats may seem a little distractive or annoying because of the noise.

But let me remind you this is not a particular issue happening with only Xpress boats. In general, aluminum boats are always louder than other marine drives while on the water and especially when your boat lacks proper insulation.

So, in that case, all you need to do is install the latest insulation system on your boat, and your problem is solved.

Another common problem is corrosion on the shaft tube or overheating issues when your Xpress boat gets a little older with time.

However, aluminum boats tend to experience electrical corrosion at some point, and the rising temperature problem arises due to the lack of an aftermarket insulation solution. 

How Long Do Xpress Boats Last Compared To Similar Brands?  

Xpress definitely ensures that each of their boat models can at least last long enough to meet the longevity standards of Aluminum boats.

However, with time some minor issues can occur but with proper maintenance boat owners can easily solve them.

The company also claims that each boat will last for a quality period if the users maintain normal operating conditions.

Have Xpress Boats Recalled Any Of Its Previous Models or Parts? 

Reportedly, Xpress Boats previously made the following recall-

  • Xpress Boat Company has recalled Jbc54855l304 (Hin Or Cin) due to failed level floatation, which applied to the 406 boats from 2004 H51 boat models. They recalled on 25th May 2004 and closed market availability on 3rd June 2006.
  • Xpress Boat Company has also recalled Jbc91864h718 (Hin Or Cin) because of an error on Label, Certification, and Hull Id Number. The official recall applied to 10 Xpress boat models from the 2018 x24 Bay models, Outboard to Xp180 Boat models. This recall was officially announced on 11th December 2017, but the market availability closed on 21st December 2017.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To Xpress Boats?   

If you are looking for the best alternatives to switch, go for these below brands- Brunswick, Correct Craft, Smoker Craft, Alumaweld Boats, or North River Boats.

Are Xpress Boats Still Being Made?  

Xpress is still building its legendary series of all-welded all-aluminum boats from their Arkansas manufacturing plant.

Recently, to add more value and choices, the company also included two new series- the most reliable Hyper-Lift and the price-friendly Xplorer Series.

Customer Reviews On Xpress Boats:

While I was going through numerous review articles, blogs, forums, and vlogs to analyze, I found that most owners and current users of Xpress boat models have already given good ratings and expressed their satisfaction.

“Beautiful boats and GREAT performance. Workmanship is top notch. This is my second Xpress bass boat. You NEED TO TAKE A RIDE IN ONE AND YOU WILL BE A BELIEVER!!! “Gabella Joe

According to the majority of various Xpress boat owners, these boat models are absolutely worth what they have spent. Many owners claim that the durability and the performance quality of each Xpress boat meet international standards.

“I purchased a 2021 H22B from Marshall’s Marine in Lake City, SC, and was impressed with their customer service. I spend a lot of time taking veterans out fishing with a non-profit called Hook Line and Heroes, so safety is my main priority. I decided on the Xpress H22B because of the reputation of an Xpress with the Hyper-Lift Hull, plus there is plenty of room on the front deck, and it’s perfect for bass, striper, redfish, catfish, and crappie. The tandem axle trailer and the weight reduction of aluminum made towing a breeze. I love this boat! “Keith DuBose from Rock Hill, South Carolina

Though most Xpress boat owners have expressed their satisfaction, some have also pointed at the not-so-good customer service of the brand and its authorized dealers.

A group of owners has also mentioned some technical and assembling errors which they noticed later on.

“I used to recommend xpress to everyone that asked me how I liked my boat until today. Noticed that the paint was starting to bubble around the rear tie downs after further investigation I noticed that when they were Installed nothing was used to seal around them, I contacted xpress by email to ask if that was covered under warranty because it was poor workmanship and I was quickly informed it was my fault that there was corrosion. Now I could understand if I hit something and scratched through the paint and didn’t address the issue but there is no way to wash out salt water once it gets into a bolt hole especially if you’re thinking the manufacturer sealed around all bolts (being a boat and all smh).
So, beware if you’re going to buy or already bought one check all bolts and other hardware attached because xpress sure didn’t. Will be looking at getting rid of this boat and getting a seaark next go around.”Alfred Nawrocki

Final Thoughts

Xpress Boat Company has been manufacturing all types of fishing and hunting aluminum boats for over 50 years. Recently the company also included high-quality Aluminum bass boat models. So, if you are interested in all-welded high-performance aluminum boats, Xpress boats can be one of the best deals for you.

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