Are Hurricane Deck Boat Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Hurricane deck boats are outboard boats, which implies that they may be used with any kind of outboard motor, regardless of manufacturer. Riding with these boats is a lot of fun because they are so adaptable.

So, today we will be discussing the hurricane deck boat and whether or not it is a good or reliable option for you.

Here’s How Good Hurricane Deck Boats Are:

Hurricane has been advertising their boats’ innovative design, which makes them ideal for a variety of activities such as fishing, skiing, and cruising.

As a result, they are the ideal boat for having a good time with the family. This type of boat is particularly well suited for island hopping and sailing the coast on a bright sunny day.

You can choose from a range of hull types and styles, including modified vee, pontoon, and others while building a Hurricane.

How Reliable Are Hurricane Deck Boats?

Up until recently, deck boats were virtually unknown outside of the boating industry.

The time has come for them to start receiving the credit they’ve earned.

All the best things about boating with your family can be found in a Hurricane boat. And Hurricane Boats is the only company that provides such a wide selection of high-performance deck boats! The hull design allows you to cruise in shallow water and creates only a small wake, which is another benefit.

How Durable Are Hurricane Deck Boats?

Hurricane Boats is well-known in the marine industry for its high-quality products and outstanding customer service.

Quality control errors do occur due to the high volume of production. However, these are usually minor issues like faulty wiring in the instrument panel.

The majority of boat owners believe their vessels are of high quality for the price they paid. Even though the company places a high value on comfort, the toughness of the construction is viewed as a strength.

These boats have the durability of a mid-tier manufacturer, so be prepared for that.

Some models’ transoms are constructed from marine plywood, but composite materials are now being used on a greater number of models than in the past.

The manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty on the hulls demonstrates how confident they are in the product’s design and build quality.

What About Older Hurricane Deck Boats?

In this respect, older models of Hurricane Boats have a good online reputation just as newer ones.

Older boats can be obtained from their owners, dealers, and brokers, who can provide you with any information or questions you may have.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

Replacement parts are still tough to come by even though the company has been building its boats in the same facility since 1974.

Other manufacturers used to make several of them, but they’ve since gone out of business.

Hurricane advises customers to contact their local dealers if they need assistance locating a specific part.

As a result of the company’s extensive dealer network, which includes those who have served as representatives for decades, there’s a good possibility you’ll find an old part this way.

What Are Typical Problems With Hurricane Deck Boats?

When it comes to building a pleasant boat, the company has a great track record. However, there have been a few glitches on occasion.

Rust or corrosion on stainless steel has been a problem for certain owners. Theoretically, stainless steel will not rust, but there are a variety of formulations available, and not all of them are high quality.

As a result, Hurricane Boats has on occasion employed cheaper stainless steel.

Cracks in the dashboard are an aesthetic problem encountered by some owners. These are caused by screws in the cover and may not be covered by the warranty.

Cracks in the hull have been cited as the most important problem by some boat owners. Although this does not appear to be a prevalent problem.

How Long Do Hurricane Deck Boats Last Compared To Similar Brands?

It appears that Hurricane Boats last as long as the majority of boats in their price range, if not longer.

Despite being a popular choice for rental fleets, this type of service depletes boats quickly. Renters are known to slam the boats about a lot and put a lot of wear and tear on the engines.

Because of their dependability, durability, and affordability, rental fleets opt for the brand. But no boat lasts exceptionally long in this service.

These harsh years of service shorten a boat’s lifespan, but that doesn’t mean Hurricane Boats are any worse.

Do Hurricane Deck Boats Hold Their Value?

When compared to other boat brands, the value retention of Hurricane Boats is about average.

In 2015, a brand-new SunDeck 2000 sold for $48,657. The same model presently sells for an average of $36,690 on the market. In other words, the value has fallen by 26% since then.

The FunDeck 236 costs $45,110 if equipped with a Yamaha F150LB outboard motor. The average resale value of this model has plummeted by 28% to $32,850.

Are Hurricane Deck Boats Still Being Made?

Hurricane Boats is still producing boats in Elkhart, Indiana, and will be doing so in Syracuse, Indiana, as well.

Currently, they manufacture 41 different deck boat models under the banners of four distinct product lines.

No pricing are listed on their website since they connect you with local dealers in their vast network instead.

Outboard and Inboard/Outboard models are available in the SunDeck Sport series. A few comforts are foregone in favor of increased speed and power on these vessels.

Final Thoughts

Deck boat maker Hurricane Boats dominates the US market.

They’re well-known for offering reasonable value for money while yet delivering high-quality service.

If you’re looking for a deck boat, make sure to check them out. To see how you like the ride and how the boat holds up to rough, persistent use, if you live in a rental region, rent one for the afternoon.

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