Are Crestliner Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Who doesn’t enjoy boating, sunbathing, or going fishing with their friends and family? Aside from those who have a strong aversion to water, I believe everyone does.

But, if you had to choose between fiberglass and aluminum, which would you choose? Today we’ll be talking about Crestliner boats, which are renowned for their all-aluminum construction.

are they reliable and good?  Let’s find out.

Crestliner Boats Review

How Good Crestliner Boats Are?

These are excellent vessels that have served the public well thanks to their sturdy construction and well-considered design.

Crestliner is a well-established boat manufacturer with a stellar reputation. Boats like these have been present since World War II, and their popularity hasn’t waned despite their long history.

Since ther inception, Crestliner boats have undergone numerous improvements.

Crestliner has frequently been at the forefront of the marine industry when it comes to introducing new features and improvements to its boats.

The entire aluminum body of the boat was welded together, then the tongue and groove welds were added.

Even though boat manufacture has grown more conventional, this company is dedicated to providing the greatest possible product line and construction, and it takes great pride in supplying exquisitely constructed boats with seamless aluminum construction.

So, you can relax while fishing aboard these lightweight and agile aluminum boats

How Reliable Are Crestliner Boats?

Crestliner boats have a long history of dependability and realism.

This marks Crestliner’s fifteenth year in a row winning the NMMA’s Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award, the industry’s highest honor.

Customer satisfaction levels of 90% or more are recognized with this award, which goes to marine manufacturers who attain certain levels.

These boats have confidently inspired successive generations with a premium design steeped in fishing innovation.

How Durable Are Crestliner Boats?

This product is built to last a lifetime. Crestliner boats are built to last, thanks to their all-welded aluminum frame construction.

Crestliner has become a household brand as the manufacturer of the world’s most durable aluminum boats, because of its creative design, high degree of craftsmanship, rigorous attention to detail, and unrivaled value, among other factors.

Their unique “Four-X hull for deep V boats, double-welded kneel, and perfect fitting parts make them stronger and distinguishable from competitors. This is commendable and completely worthwhile.

What About Older Crestliner Boats?

On their website, you may get information about their old Crestliner boats.

From 1985 to the present, every boat in the catalog can be found.

There may be something missing from this list, in which case you can try contacting your local dealer for assistance.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

Ordering any Crestliner boat parts through your local Crestliner dealer and having them delivered to your door is simple.

Additionally, there are a plethora of websites that sell parts and tools for old Crestliner boats, so if you require any, you may obtain them from them as well.

What Are Typical Problems With Crestliner Boats?

The fact is that Crestliner boats are extremely popular on freshwater lakes and ponds. They have a welded aluminum hull instead of rivets, which distinguishes them as one-of-a-kind.

Crestliner, like many businesses, has experienced its share of difficulties throughout the years. But the company has responded by making continuous improvements to its products and procedures.

A few issues with Crestliner boats include: 

  • Cracked Welds
  • Rot in the transom. Problems with plywood
  • Drainage issues that need to be addressed
  • problems with the fuel supply
  • Riding over puddles

How Long Do Crestliner Boats Last Compared To Similar Brands?

Aluminum boats, hands down, have the longest lifespan. All the characteristics of aluminum make it possible for a boat made from aluminum to last 30-40 years without any problems.

Given that Crestliner vessels are made of aluminum, they appear to have an extended service life.

Do Crestliner Boats Hold Their Value?

Prices for Crestliner boats range ranging from $1,309 for entry-level boats up to $67,436 for the largest, most modern vessels.

Variants with higher horsepower ratings feature motors with up to 295 hp, while the smallest, most practical models can have engines with as little as 40 hp.

On their official website, they list a wide range of boats and their associated costs.

They have boats available for a variety of uses, including:

Fish & Sport


Coastal Bass & Crappie

Hunt & Utility

There are several well-known Crestliner designs, such as the XF 189, the 1650 Fish Hawk, the 1700 Vision, and even the XFC 189 and the 1850 Super Hawk.

Are Crestliner Boats Still Being Made?

All-welded aluminum construction and a commitment to superiority are hallmarks of Crestliner’s boats and pontoons, which are still made in Otsego, Minnesota.

Since 1946, Crestliner has been building sturdily constructed boats that last a lifetime. Global leader Crestliner is committed to offering long-lasting goods for its clients.

To discover more about Crestliner and its boat range, go to their website at

Final Thoughts

Boats made by Crestliner have a lengthy history and a solid reputation, although there have been some problems with them throughout the course of time.

While some people have had issues with Crestliner boats, the majority of those who have used them have been satisfied. If not, they’re an excellent multifunctional boating firm with beautiful, sturdy, and well-built boats.

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