Grady White Vs Boston Whaler Boats : Detailed Comparison

In the boating industry, Grady White and Boston Whaler are two prominent names of all time. It becomes tough to choose one between them as both of the manufacturers make the best boats. These boats create a “Grady White Boats vs. Boston Whaler” situation from the building to the facilities. 

The variety of boats from Grady White and Boston Whaler has helped customers for years. Even for fishing or for family enjoyment in the sea, these boats offer excellent value. Their different models are used for different purposes. But one thing in common among all is the quality.

So, let’s get into the detailed comparison of Grady White and Boston Whaler boats without further delay.

Comparison Chart – Grady White vs Boston Whaler Boats

Grady White BoatsBoston Whaler
Offers different categories of boats. Almost covers all the types.Offers various kinds of boats. Renowned for fishing boats.
Ensures passenger’s safety. Suitable to deal with sea levels and climate changes.
Made with durable, robust materials.Built with selected best materials.
Enough room and seating spaces.Good seating options and storage options are available.
Uses Yamaha suitable HP motors.Uses Mercury suitable HP motors.
High in price but valuable.Costly boats but worth the price.

In-depth Discussion – Between Grady White and Boston Whaler Boats

The comparison chart above shows the overview differences of Grady White Boats and Boston Whaler boats. Now let’s figure out the details of these two fantastic boats. 

Types of boats

Grady White and Boston Whaler both have their varieties of boats. Grady White boats have their Center Console, Coastal Explorer, Dual Console, Express Cabins and Walk Around Cabins. Each of the boats has its unique specifications. Their Center Consoles and Dual Consoles are the most popular boats among all.

Boston Whaler has a Side Console, Center Console, Dual Console, Cabin Cruiser and Express Cruiser boats. Each of the categories has several models. Boston Whaler is famous mainly for its Fishing boats. 

Both of the companies build their boats utilizing so many features. They are more suitable for family tripping, trolling and fishing.


Grady White and Boston Whaler can be considered the other name of safety in boating. They always keep the user’s safety as a prime concern and make their boats according to that need.

These boats are specially designed in a shape that can assure safe boating. Especially in their center console boats, safety is highly affirmed. The deadrise of the boats is made with unique measurements to the hull. You can safely turn the boat in an angular position. It won’t feel like a change in the movement and will provide smoothness. 

The boats also have strong glass windows in the helm area to protect from sea elements. The sideline in the bow area has strong steel rods for grip. The doors and locks of the boat are made with quality technology to ensure the safety of the passengers. 

Build Quality

As Grady White and Boston Whaler are the top-rated boat brands of all time, they make their boats with the best quality materials. Over time they continually work on improving and use the newest quality materials in their boats. 

The whole body of the boat is made with durable material. The hull and the dead rise are made with solid material. The handholds inside the boat are made with stainless steel. The windshield and the hardtop of the boat use durable material.

Seating and Space

Talking about seating and spacing, Grady and Boston’s boats are highly competitive. Both of the companies make the best use of the space in their boats. The foldable and adjustable sitting arrangement in each boat is worthy of praise. 

Not only the seat spaces but there is also dedicated storage space available. Apart from dedicated storage, some storage options are there beneath the seats as well. The sizable live whale and fish boxes are suitable enough for plenty of fishing. 

Next, there are a lot of rod holders available in the boat. Some are situated near the helm area, and some are situated in the bow area. You will also get a dining arrangement with a foldable table in the bow in some models. The kitchen counter and the toilet space are also spacious to access. 

In the larger models, there is a separated cabin that ensures comfort. The sleeping space and lounging space are wide enough for the passengers. 

Motors and Engines

Yamaha motors are used in Grady White boats. These motors have mostly 3000-4000 RPM. Mercury motors are used in Boston Whaler boats. These motors also produce the nearly same amount of RPM and have nearly the same HP as Grady’s. 

In the helm area, there is steering, hand throttle and joystick set up. Besides, there is an optional radio box for electronic and standard configuration. Also, there is a flash panel in some models for flush mount electronics that provides many options there.


In comparing the price, you can not say one is cheaper than the other because Grady White and Boston Whaler both make quality boats that cost an actual good amount of money.

Different models they offer have different prices. But they are worth the money. 

Grady White or Boston Whaler Boats – Which one to choose?

Both Grady White and Boston Whaler boats are suitable to get one. Which one you want depends on what type of boat you need and the money you are willing to pay. 

Grady White boats have excellence in their center console and dual console boats. So, if you are searching for something like that, you can go for the Grady White boats. 

Boston Whaler is considered best for fishing, So if you are looking for a fishing boat with dedicated fish boxes and storage, you can go for the Boston Whaler boats. 


What boat is comparable to a Grady White?

The Edge Water and Boston Whaler are comparable to Grady White. Like Grady White, they make the best kinds of boats for their users. 

Does Grady White make a good boat?

Grady White makes the perfect strong build boats for both fishing and cruising. However, they are pricey boats but add that kind of considerable value to their boats. 

Is Grady White the best?

Grady White boats are best in every type of boat. They have been beating the market ever since they started. There are also some other quality boats available, but no one can take the position of Grady White.

Why is Grady White so expensive?

Being the best value boat in the market, Grady White is so expensive. Added value means added cost. Grady White makes their boat with additional features and designs them so you can not make a complaint. So, they offer the best service, and the costs are expensive.

Final Words

Whichever boat you choose between Grady White and Boston Whaler, you are surely going to be benefitted from their service. These two brands make quality boats that make them each other’s toughest competition.

Before investing in one, make sure you know what you want. You can also go for a used Grady White or Boston Whaler boat. They also perform great. But make sure you check when the primary owner first bought it and how long it has been used. 

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