3 Most Common Problems with Nitro Z18 Bass Boat

When it comes to power fishing boats, you can’t ignore the Nitro Z18 bass boat. 

However, the boat is not without faults like the others. 

In this article, I am going to describe the possible or most common problems with Nitro Z18 and their solutions.

Cracked windshield, passenger dash, and faulty depth finderCan’t specifyCan be manufacturing fault or user mishandling 
5-8 sec. delay getting on the planeWrong propellerNot following the adjustment guideline properlyMotor on a lower plane or not getting enough ventilation
Poorly mounted transducer coming off easilyImproper installation

1. Cracked Windshield

I have seen a user complaining about a cracked windshield in his Z18 fishing boat. He also mentions that there are cracks in the passenger dash. 

Also, the depth finder was giving some problems as it didn’t read half the time. 

Possible Reason

It is hard to say the exact reason for the problem. It can happen due to mishandling by the user.

Or, it simply can be a manufacturing issue.

Possible Fix

If your boat still has a warranty, you should contact your dealer or the manufacturer.

Otherwise, you have to buy them separately and install those hiring a boat mechanic. 

Go to the official website, and fill the Part Finder Form to purchase the desired components.

2. Getting on Plane Delay

A user mentioned that he had no idea why his Nitro Z18 takes 5 to 8 seconds to get on the plane.

He checked the propeller, amount of fuel, and other parameters and nothing was wrong. 

After talking about possible reasons, I will be describing some tips and tricks to eliminate the delay.

Possible Reasons

There can be several reasons to experience this issue. The user may not be doing the right adjustments while getting on the plane.

  1. The timing is a crucial factor in this matter which you will understand after reading the solutions below. 
  2. The propeller for your boat may not be the right one.
  3. The motor may not get enough ventilation and it is placed a bit lower than usual.

Even after those factors, there can be some unknown issues. So, I have included some tips and tricks so that you can beat the unknown.

Possible Fix

I know that it sounds silly but make sure that you are following the right procedure to get on a plane. 

  • One can raise the motor and see whether it solves the problem. Some users got improved holeshot after raising the motor with a jack plate.
  • After that, you can try replacing the PVS plugs with new ones which don’t cost much. It is a simple and insignificant tip but can make huge differences.
  • You can also try removing the vent plugs reducing resistance. Both increased ventilation and raised motor height can help reach higher RPMs quicker.

Before I move on to the next problem, let me tell you how to properly get on the plane. Read it to know whether you are doing it right.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to trim the engines all the way at the beginning. Notify others on the boat to hold on because the speed is going to be increased rapidly.

Step 2: While the trim tab is lowered all the way, accelerate gradually onto the plane.

Step 3: When the bow comes down as the boat speeds up, you should slowly trim the engines out.

Thus, you will have a clean wake astern, and realize that the boat is planning.

3. Transducer Coming Off

This is a particular case that I have to mention. It is not a common problem but without knowing the solution or proper way, anyone can face the issue.

One of the customers claimed that he installed a transducer on his brand-new boat. 

After 5 or 6 trips, he took the boat to his garage for cleaning and noticed that the transducer is barely hanging. The screws were loose and it is about to come off.

Possible Reason 

Now, anyone can assume that it is happening due to a poor boat design and bad service center work who installed the transducer.

But the problem is not in the boat’s design at all. It is all about improper installation.

Possible Fix

In this video, you can see the proper or right way to install it. Still, let me explain the steps below.

Step 1: First of all, you have to fix a spot to install the transducer.

Tip: The best practice is to follow the sonar manufacturer’s guide to select the spot for installation. 

Step 2: Then, take the mounting template that comes with the package and mask around the area. 

Step 3: Now, use the swab on the marked area and prepare it for installation.

Tip: You should wipe in one direction to remove any grease or contaminants that might interfere with the bonding.

Step 4: After that, use the sandpaper given with the product to slightly dull the surface of the gel coat. Use the swab again on the rough surface to remove any dust.

Step 5: Next, take the peel and sting mounting spike and place it firmly on the middle of the cutout template.

Step 6: When the spike is cured, come back with the transducer. Fill the six wells on its back with thick adhesive slightly above the brim.

Step 7: Finally, remove the template and put the transducer against the spike firmly. 

It takes about 8 to 9 hours to cure the glue. And, I am confident that you won’t have to face the same problem like this user.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Nitro Z18 Bass Boat?

Generally speaking, there are mixed reviews. Some are not happy with the customer service. Let me give you an example so that you can understand. 

While trying to solve the first problem, the customer contacted his dealer as the warranty period was not over. 

To remind you, the problems included a crack in the windshield, passenger dash, and a faulty depth finder. 

After a week later, the dealer fixed only the driver’s windshield. Because the manufacturer only wanted to fix the broken part and not the whole dash.

But they couldn’t find a solution, and it hampered his weekend fishing schedule with his wife. Furthermore, there was no feedback on the depth finder and the customer had to buy a new one himself.

Now, I don’t want you to judge the company or assume anything based on that single incident that happened a long time ago.

Let me tell you a happy story. One user’s Z18 was taking too long to get on the plane. 

So, he opened a thread for getting tips and tricks from fellow owners and called customer care. 

Lots of people helped him with the possible solutions. But the most effective solution he got was from the manufacturer.

The company immediately contacted his dealer and found out that the prop was wrong. Therefore, he didn’t have to throw stones in the dark anymore. 

Overall, I think that you won’t be disappointed with a Nitro Z18 Bass Boat.

Final Thoughts 

Compared to other Nitro models, it is an inexpensive and powerful bass boat. 

Also, you should know that the boat can’t compete in the large water with big waves. 

However, the company provides a one-year transferrable warranty. So, you can fix small issues in the first year of purchase without spending anything.

And, I have already given you the solutions. So, don’t worry about those problems a lot.

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