Steiger Craft vs. Parker Boat: Detailed Comparison

Boaters who want to buy a Pilothouse boat get confused about Steiger Craft vs. Parker Boats. These two brands are leading the boat market in terms of pilothouse boats. Not only the Pilothouse boats but the center consoles are also renowned for these two boat brands.

If you want something the U.S. made and get the best quality, you should look upon these two brands. We have constructed an in-depth comparison of Steiger Craft and Parker’s boat.

So, without mode delay, let’s get into the details.

Comparison Chart – Steiger Craft vs. Parker Boat:

Steiger Craft BoatParker Boat
Block Island, Miami, Center Consoles, Modified V and Peconic seriesCenter Console, Dual Console, Sport Cabin and Walk Around boats
Priorities passenger’s safety and security to the peakA little lacked behind in terms of safety and security
Have a lot of options for features and customizationDoesn’t have so many options of features and customization
Have Suzuki/Yamaha/Honda enginesHave Yamaha engines only
Made with the highest quality using modern technologyMade with Plywood 
Near about the same price range as Parker BoatsNear about the same price range as Steiger Craft boats

In-depth Discussion – Steiger Craft vs. Parker Boat:

From the comparison chart above, you can see the apparent differences between Steiger Craft and Parker Boat. Now, let’s figure out the details of it.

Varieties of boats

Steiger Craft and Parker Boats do not offer a vast number and category of boats. But they are specialized in what they offer. Steiger Craft firstly started as a Commercial Fishing boat. Now they are remarkable for sport fishing as well. They have different series boats, Block Island, Miami, Center Consoles, Deep V boats and Peconic series boats. Steiger Craft never claimed or wanted to be the biggest boat company. They just wanted to be the best boat company. And eventually, they succeeded at it. 

Parker Boats make good Pilothouse boats. Their different series boats are Center Consoles, Dual Consoles, Sport Cabin and Walk Around boats. These boats are made in North Carolina and suitable for you and your group of friends to fish. You can use these boats for family recreation as well. 

Safety and Security

Steiger Craft is a name that does not doubt the safety and security of the passengers. They design their boat with such engineering that affirms the quality to ensure safety on the boat also in rough weather.

Parker Boats have some complaints about the safety of the passengers. But they are not defamed in a wide range. These boats still provide safety and security, especially in their high-range boats. 

Built Quality and Spacing

In terms of built quality, Steiger Craft is a tough competitor to any other boat brand. They use the latest technology, Fiberglass Hull and other quality materials to overall build their boats. 

Especially for Steiger Craft, they use the human workforce to build their boats. They don’t only depend on machinery. As humans supervise the whole building process, the boats come out nice in shape and size with no corner-cutting in quality.

Parker boats are mainly dependent on Marine Plywood. The central three portions of the boats, Stringers, Transom and Deck, are solid Plywood. The overall built board has worked great for some years. But the water may find its way to get in the Plywood at some point. That is why Parker Boats only provide a five years warranty.

Features and Customizations

In Steiger Craft, you will get a lot of features. You can also get customization on these boats. In some of their models, there are double stations. So you can operate the boat from the cockpit as well. Additional dining and adjustable seats are also there to enchant you in a Steiger Craft boat.

In Parker Boats, you do not get to see many of these features. Usually, Parker Boats are a little smaller kind of boat. But big enough for your 3-4 friends group for fishing.

Engine and Motors

Steiger Craft uses different kinds of engines like Yamaha/Suzuki/Honda. Parker Boats uses only a Yamaha engine. In both boats, the engine provides good Horse Power and torque. The boat drifts well in the water and is suitable to accept the inputs to perform well. 

Money Value

Although there are many differences between Steiger Craft and Parker Boats, the price is nearly similar from the built quality to space. You can get both of the boats at an almost identical price. But if you consider different series, the price may make a difference.

Steiger Craft or Parker Boat – Which one to choose?

Your convenience is the factor that matters choosing between Steiger Craft and Parker Boats. If you are looking for a family boat or fishing with a lot of space, Steiger Craft is made for you. You will get a lot of deck space, fish boxes, rod holders, live fish well, dining space and so on, some models of Steiger Craft. 

If you want a boat for some years and don’t want to invest more, Parker Boats could be your best choice. Though the rooming and spacing are not so spacious, you will get a good-to-go boat ready for fishing in the seas. 

Now, understand your needs and requirements. Hope it will help you to choose one from the above.


Is Parker a good boat brand?

Parker Boats are good boat brands doing their business for years. These boats are specially made for low-range and mid-range boaters. 

Where are Steiger Craft boats made?

Steiger Craft boats are made in New York in the United States. In 1972 Alen Steiger founded Steiger Craft. Now they make 100 or more boats a year.

Where are Parker boats manufactured?

Parker Boats are manufactured in Beaufort, North Carolina.

Is Parker 1801 a good boat?

Parker 1801 is the smallest boat made by Parker Boats. But this Center Console boat has a huge fan base and is one of the bestselling boats of Parker Boats.

Are Parker Boats made with wood?

The main three parts of Parker Boats are made of wood. But for protection, they are covered with Fiberglass. 

Final Words

Choosing the best boat depends on your needs. Both of the brands above make their boats targeting different customer bases. So, to one, Steiger Craft or Parker Boats could be the best choice, but to others, it may not. 

Firstly, whichever boat you choose, sincerely clear to yourself what you want, how long you will use the boat, what purpose you will use it, and how often you will put it on water. 

Clearing up this fact and setting up your mind, you will choose the right boat for you. Happy boating!

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