5 Most Common Problems With Sylvan Pontoon Boat

The Sylvan marine were the pioneers of today’s party boats – pontoon. They came with colored side panels. There are various categories of sylvan pontoons – M series, S series, L series, Mirage, Mirage X. And now there are three tubes boats – tritoons to give you the speed. 

However, like all other pontoon brands, there are several issues with these sylvan pontoons as well. 

After going through the customer feedback, I have gathered the 5 most common problems with sylvan pontoons and tried to give possible solutions.

Engine overheatBlockageLack of water flowBroken drive belt
Smoke issuesthe contaminated fuel the wrong ratio of oil and fuel in the fuel mixture
Tube problemGot hit by objectscorrosion
Sinking problemfouled plugs filter problems
Vibration issuedamaged propnick or gouge in the bladetowrope or fishing line could stuck

1. Engine problems

One of the common problems that almost most of the customers faced is engine issues. 

The engine sometimes gets overheat and most of us don’t pay heed to that. And the worst scenario is if this happens when you are out on the water. 

Possible fix

To get rid of this issue, you need to keep an eye on the temperature probe to keep the temperature at a safe level.

If you notice anything unusual about the temperature, firstly, you need to check for blockage near the engine. Sometimes lack of water can also create this issue. So, you need to replenish the water in the cooling loop. 

Sometimes drive belt breaking can also create this problem. But how do you know about the broken belt? Either the engine is overheating, or the alternator is not getting charged. 

So, you need to inspect the belt and try to keep a spare one in case of an emergency. 

2. Smoke issues 

Some customers encounter that smoke is coming from the exhaust. They got panicked and left their pontoon and didn’t go for a solution. But if we dig deeper, we will see that some silly matters cause this problem.

Either the contaminated fuel or the wrong ratio of oil and fuel in the fuel mixture can create this issue. 

So, you need to check the oil level, and if the fuel mix is dirty, you need to replace the mix and add new. 

3. Tube issues

Another common problem that is faced by the Sylvan pontoon boats is the tube issue. The tubes can get damaged by hits, especially in the nose of the tube. Thus, it could cause leakage. 

Possible fix

But if you maintain some rules, you can easily avoid this issue. 

It is recommended not to set the pontoon logs while there is a low water level. The aluminum tubes can get corroded of the lack of oxygen.  

For the saltwater, the aluminum tubes can get damaged. So, you need to keep them in check. 

4. Sinking problem

One of the customers mentioned that he felt like his boat was sinking down. This issue may not be familiar, but it happened with some of the buyers. 

The most apparent reason behind this sylvan pontoon boat sputtering issue is the fouled plugs or filter problems. 

Possible Fix

If the filters are clogged, the engine will get affected after all. So, you need to ensure that none of the filters are damaged or clogged. 

The best suggestion will be to keep the spare filter and spark plugs on your pontoon all the time. 

5. Vibration issue

Some customers have mentioned that they have encountered the vibration. These can happen for a couple of reasons. One of the main reasons will be damaged prop. 

The metal of the prop can get misshaped by some direct impact. A nick or gouge in the blade can also cause imbalance. Something like a towrope or fishing line could stick and snarl the shaft and create vibration. 

So, I will try to share the possible solution to get rid of these incidents. 

Possible Fix

If you notice excess loud noises, the reason can be any loose components.

So, you may need to take the helps of professionals to repair or replace the props or other parts.

Also, examine whether the engine has ant loose screws or bolts connections on the internal and external body parts. 

Again, you can raise the motor while riding in the shallow water. 

What The Majority of Users Feel About the Sylvan Pontoon Boats?

Sylvan Marine was founded as a pontoon and houseboat manufacturer near Sylvan Lake in Wolcottville, Indiana. This brand is part of the Smokercraft Family of products and speaks of quality, innovation, and value. 

The customers love its Revolutionary Planing Technology Tubes.

The Sylvan pontoon boat is quite a famous party boat to the boat owners. There are various sizes available to meet the needs of multiple categories. The pontoons also have got a wide-open floor plan. 

However, the speed may be an issue for the boat-owners. The wide-turning radius can make it harder to enjoy water sports. Basically, no boat is free of faults.  

What matters is whether you are ready to accept them and try to solve them without ruining the fun.

You can contact customer service and get a full 6-year bow to stern warranty on every pontoon they manufacture. 

Final thoughts 

Harold Schrock, the founder of Starcraft – purchased this company in the early 1970’s. Since then, Sylvan has brought endless options and layouts to the market. And they have been reigning in this industry since 1948.

From going overboard with the M series pontoon to have versatility in your riding with the L series to have superior handling for fun with Mirage X, Sylvan has covered you all way around. 

And consider the problems that I have mentioned earlier before making any decision. Let me know in the comment section do you want to go for the Mirage cruise or Mirage Fish.

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