Motorguide Tour Pro vs. Ultrex: Detailed Comparison

Looking for the best trolling motor? If so, this is the exact place that will introduce you to the real masters in the market. There are plenty of options for different brands of trolling motors. Choosing among them is a dilemma. Also, whispers like “Motorguide Tour Pro vs. Ultres” make it more difficult.

Well, Motorguide Tour Pro and the Minn Kota Ultrex both are fantastic trolling motors. These two are specially designed for bass boat freshwater fishing. With several unique features, they offer you the best. Here we have made a detailed comparison of these two giants.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the details.

Comparison Chart – Motorguide Tour Pro vs. Ultrex

Motorguide Tour ProMinn Kota Ultrex
One shaft optionThree different shaft options
PinPoint GPS availablei-Pilot available
The design has an upgradeSame design as the previous Minn Kota models
Easier lifting systemEasy lifting options
New prop designSame prop design but have additional options with Hummingbird unit
Integrated Sonar systemIntegrated Sonar system
No remote control is availableRemote control available

In-depth discussion – Motorguide Tour Pro vs. Ultrex

You can get a quick idea of Motorguide Tour Pro and the Minn Kota Ultrex trolling motor from the comparison chart above. Now, let’s figure out the in-depth details of these two market-grabbing trolling motors.                   

Thrust and Shaft Options

Motorguide Tour Pro has two thrust options. They are 24Volts 82lbs and 36 Volts 109lbs. The Ultrex also comes with two thrust options, 24 Volts 80lbs and 36 Volts 112lbs. So, you can see both of the brands have two different thrusts, one higher and one lower. 

You can use the lower ones for a smaller boat and a higher one for a more prominent bass boat. Although, using the higher power in the smaller boats will give you a more efficient boating and fishing experience.

Coming to the shaft options. The Tour Pro has only one shaft option. They give you a 45″ shaft. On the other hand, Ultrex has three different shaft options, 45″, 52″ and 60″. Now, what is the benefit of having various shafts?

Well, the longer the shaft, the better the fishing quality, said many professional anglers. A longer shaft length will protect you from cavitation. So, in deeper water, you will not see the problem of the shaft coming out of the water and going back again continuously. 

It also helps with fishing. If you have got a group of fish, the shaft movement will not alert the fish, and you can get as many as you want without interruption.  So, you can see the Ultrex allows you to fish in deep water without any tension.

Design and Safety

The new design and cable steer system is a revolutionary upgrade in Motorguide trolling motors. In their Tour Pro trolling motor Motorguide has put all the critical components of the unit altogether in the head section. You will not see the unit components in the mount section as older versions.

This change seems a little but brings considerable benefits to the users. If you accidentally hit anything in the water, like rocks or something, it won’t damage your trolling motor. Also, the 360 break-away system situated gives a cushion to survive the hit impact with zero damage.

The design of the Ultex is pretty much the same as the other Minn Kota models. There is one thing to know about the brackets of the Ultrex. That is, you can use the Fortrex in the Ultrex model’s bracket. But you can not use the Ultrex in the Fortrex brackets.

So, if you previously owned a Minn Kota Fortrex trolling motor. You can also keep that extra motor with you for a long time, boating or traveling. You can use that on the Ultrex brackets if needed. It will work as extra safety in case something happens.

Steering and Quietness

The Motorguide Tour Pro has a cable steering system. Because of this and the motor assist on it, you don’t get the noise of entire motorized steering systems. So, the whole unit operates smoothly with quietness. 

Also, you can control the steering with the foot pedal. It has an easy to use feature. Besides, it has some additional buttons like the anchor button and power button. 

Minn Kota Ultrex gives you the feel and response of a cable steer. Also, the wide-open throttle electric steering makes everything easy to operate. 

Remote Control

The Ultrex comes with a remote control system. It allows you to do every operation with the remote that you used to steer manually or use a foot pedal. So, if you decide to sit on the deck, giving time to your family, you can do that and control the boat simultaneously. You don’t need to get up and come over to operate the motor.

Also, you can save 16 different spots in the remote. So, when you go to the same place for fishing, it becomes easier to find the perfect spots again. Just input the number of the spot you want to go to, and you’re done. 

The jog feature and moving forward/reverse are also great using the remote. The remote also tells how strong the GPS signal is and how much power there is. You can also adjust the speed of position with the remote control.

PinPoint GPS and i-Pilot

PinPoint GPS is the primarily used and the best feature of Motorguide Tour Pro. Well, it works exactly as its name says. PinPoint. Hitting the anchor button or spot lock button, you can make your boat float in the exact place for how long you want.

This feature especially helps when you are done boating and fishing for the day and heading back. Just hit the spot lock button near the dock. It will keep the boat floating on water still at the spot you parked it in. Get out of the boat, get your vehicle to pull out the boat. So easy.

The i-Pilot of the Ultrex is the spot lock system in this trolling motor. Works the same as the PinPoint GPS of the Tour Pro. You can upgrade the i-Pilot into the i-Pilot Link. All the features are the same. The additional you will get is more new features with a touchscreen remote control.

Transducer and Propeller

Motorguide has upgraded the propeller in the Tour Pro trolling motor. The new Catana propeller works great for thrust. The prop’s design is also good, and the built quality is far excellent and robust.

Ultrex has universal sonar transducers, a standard 83,200 kHz with an adapter cable you can use in any sonar manufacturer unit. You can get the “Contour Follow” only if you use a Humminbird Sonar unit. It will understand the direction and keep the boat moving, following the direction straight.  

Motorguide Tour Pro or Ultrex – Which one to choose?

Motorguide Tour Pro and Minn Kota Ultrex give a massive tight comp[etitiopn in terms of quality. Mostly ejMotorguide owners choose to stay in the same brand with new upgrades. The scenario is identical with the Minn Kota users as well. But, if you are looking for some change, you can give it a try either. 

People find it more attractive if they can sit idly, enjoy, and operate everything simultaneously. Only Minn Kota Ultrex gives you that facility. So, it becomes a significant consideration to many users.

Nevertheless, choosing one between the above depends on your needs and choice. Make sure you can maintain the trolling motor too. Because only getting the best doesn’t keep it as the best always. It requires maintenance as well.


Is Minn Kota Ultrex worth it?

Minn Kota Ultrex is worth it with all the new features. Especially the i-Pilot GPS makes the model more demanding.

Does MotorGuide Tour Pro have a spot lock?

Yes, Motorguide Tour Pro has a spot lock system. The feature for spot lock is called PinPoint GPS.

Which spot lock trolling motor is the best?

Both Motorguide and Minn Kota spot lock systems are great. They deliver the best GPS service and allow you to standby on the water and make your fishing experience better.

Which is better: Ultrex or Tour Pro?

If you consider the “hitting on rocks” central fact, Motorguide Tour Pro is better for you. But if you keep “GPS and transducer operation” as the central fact, Ultrex is better then.

Does Ultrex have auto deploy?

No. Ultrex doesn’t have an auto-deploy system. But it offers easier lifting and smoothness in stowing and deploying. 

Final Words

Now, we have come to the end of the discussion of Motorguide Tour Pro vs. Ultrex. Hope that you will be able to choose one. No matter what trolling motor you use, remember the boating quality also depends on the battery and shaft of your boat. So, choose one sincerely merging all your needs and the offerings.

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