What Are the Common Volvo Penta Duo Prop Problems?

The Volvo Penta Duo Prop is available in DPS, DPR and DPH versions. It is powered by various diesel and petrol up to 380 horsepower.

Volvo’s propellers have some unique features. For example, a direct-mounted external steering cylinder with an X-act steering system and patented hydraulic, and a Powertrim Assistant on EVC (Electronic Vessel Control) model, which automatically trims the drive to a predefined set point.

The Volvo Penta Duo prop has some common and significant issues that you need to know. In this article, we will try to know about those problems about Volvo Penta Duoprop and try to give possible solutions to them.

Common Problemsof the Volvo Penta Duo Prop Outdrive:

The Volvo Penta Duo counter rotating propellers take a hard bite to create unparalleled thrust. It is straight and true tracking even in contrast and fast acceleration on the plane.

Duo Prop provides fast acceleration up to 30%. In addition, it produces high speeds of about 5% faster than any conventional single propeller system without increasing fuel consumption.

Like the propellers of any other brand, the Volvo Penta Duo propellers have some common problems. For example:


Initially, the Volvo Penta Duo Propeller will give you a smooth performance which will allow you to experience much faster speeds. However, if you leave your boat unused for a long time, you may face an overheating problem.

Things can be like this- after a long time of abandonment when you take your boat out for the first time. You will get much better performance in the first use.

Since it has been closed for a long time, you may change the zinc or do a power wash due to care. After starting the engine you will enjoy a very fast acceleration of about 27.5 kts or about 3700-3800 RPM.

But while running the engine, you suddenly notice that the temperature is rising. Immediately after that, a warning of extra heat sounds. You close the boat and bring it to a standstill.

Then you notice that the temperature drops fairly quickly to a proper running temperature. You calculate that your propeller is sending a temperature climbing warning whenever it tries to go above 1800-1900 RPM.

To solve the problem of overheating Volvo Penta Duo Prop some mechanical advice to change the raw water impeller.

However, although it initially shows slight differences, it is not very effective in resolving temperature problems after repeated use.

On the other hand, some will advise you to change the heat exchanger and oil cooler. However, you can contact a skilled mechanic or the manufacturer’s hotline for the correct and appropriate solution.

Damaged Blades

Since almost all boat propeller blades must be on the outer part, they are more likely to have minor to very serious damage.

For example, it could be moving under a rock underwater and getting hit, or hitting a sand bar or bottoming out.

If you notice that your boat is not performing properly, you need to check the propeller to understand the condition of the blade.

A pair of skilled hands is needed to repair any broken or misshapen propeller. When you work with incompetent hands, you will feel the fuel inefficiency of your boat.

It will add extra pressure to other parts of your boat which will make the problem worse. If your propeller has only minor cracks, you need to fix it quickly.

That is, the propeller needs to be repaired. Ignoring these small cracks can quickly lead to more destruction and deep damage to your propeller.

Repair your propeller quickly to reduce the more expensive cost, as a faulty propeller can damage the engine. On the other hand, your regular visits will save you from these losses.

Too Much Wearing

No matter how much you care for your boat and its propeller and other parts, they will weaken over time.

Prolonged use will cause your boat’s blades to wear down. At the same time, they will show less efficiency than before.

But how do you know if your propeller has aged? With a few common signs, such as sharp blade, corroded paint and blade tip blunting, you can easily understand that your boat’s propeller has become obsolete.

From the moment your boat’s propeller starts to decay, the potential damage to the engine, along with the loss of propeller efficiency, short diameter, high RPM, etc., occurs.

If you notice significant wear on your propeller, take your propeller to a mechanic for repair. If enough base material remains, they will make the blades up to the original measurement.

On the other hand, extra wear will require a replacement propeller, especially if your propeller is an aluminium model.


If you use your boat in saltwater, it will cause corrosion in the propeller. The propeller blades will not be smooth due to salt but will become rough.

The reason behind this is that the salt mixed in the water erodes the metal of the blade and destroys it slowly.

If you do not solve this problem, the metal of the blade will continue to erode and its holes will get bigger. At some point, you may find that you have to completely replace the propeller.

Saltwater acts as a transfer electrolyte, which pulls less precious metals from the alloy material. If you fail to properly bind the anodic protections of your propeller, corrosion can effectively create holes in your blades. As a result, they may gradually become useless.

If bronze and aluminium alloys are used in your propellers, they are more prone to corrosion. However, those made of stainless steel are also sensitive.

The only difference between them is that if you can catch the curvature of the stainless steel blades fast enough, they can be recoverable. If the pitting is large then of course a replacement of the propeller is required.


These are just some of the common problems with a Volvo Penta Duo Prop. If you use Volvo’s Duo propeller on your boat, you may encounter these problems after some time of usage. After mentioning the problems, some possible solutions have been given. However, it is wise to seek professional help at all times if there is any problem with the propeller.

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