Are Key West 239FS Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

The Key West believes that purchasing a boat is more than a vehicle for boating and fishing lovers it’s more like living their dreams, which led the company to launch boat models like the 239 FS. 

But are 239 models from the Key West Family Sportsman boat series any good?

The Key West brand has launched the most luxurious and largest dual console designs that offer the best comfort safety with their 239 FS boat model because everyone deserves the opportunity to unwind and have fun on the water.

So, they are undoubtedly good, but to understand how durable or reliable they are, read this article thoroughly-

Here’s How Good Key West 239FS Boats Are:

The Key West 239DFS boat model is specially designed for the active family and water sports enthusiasts because it is particularly loaded with amenities such as a built-in hardtop, comfortable bow seating, a wrap-around Cockpit bench seat, a sink with storage, and a standard toilet facility in the console to provide ultimate comfort for the passengers and stability to deliver strong performance.

It is the safest family-friendly yet luxurious dual console. Another plus point of this boat model is, it comes at a very reasonable price range.

How Durable & Reliable Are The Key West 239FS Boats? 

The Key West brand believes in not compromising quality to offer products at a cheaper rate, that is why the company ensured that each of their FS series boats contains only the highest quality materials and construction done with experienced craftsmanship paired with the latest technology.

The Key West has equipped the 239 dual consoles with features like rod racks, rod holders, and live wells, which are perfect for the occasional fishing day since the manufacturer has combined them with the wrap-around windshield utility and extensive seating.

These saltwater-friendly consoles also feature sporty wrap-around cockpit benches for an upfront comfortable seating setup.

Even the 239 dual console model is equipped with a built-in swim ladder that is connected with a swinging entry door. That feature offers easy boarding for water sports enthusiasts so they can have more comfort and fun while on the water.

If those features are not enough to convince you how reliable these boat models are, you should consider the flip-up helm bolster seats of the 239 FS, which come paired with removable backrests. This additional feature helps to relax in the bow seating position.

Not only that, but the 239 models are self-bailing and foam-filled to deliver leveled and upright flotation for the safest cruising on the water today.

How Long Do The Key West 239 FS Boats Last Compare To Similar Brands?  

Since all Key West Boats are manufactured by some of the industry’s most qualified craftsmen and boat builders, they are supposed to last for a longer period, and it also applies to the 239 FS model.

The Key West claims that all of their boat models are built with only the top-quality materials and the latest innovative technology so, these boats can last for almost 50 years.

However, the company also noted that each boat’s longevity majorly depends on how aggressively the owner uses or operates them and whether the owners are routinely doing the standard maintenance according to the boat’s user manuals.

Approximately the Key West 239 FS boat models can at least last for fifteen to twenty years without any major problem only if you take proper care of your boat.

What Are Typical Troubleshooting Problems With The Key West 239 FS Boats? 

Besides all the exceptional features and additional support that the Key West 239 FS boat contains to deliver the best performances, consumers still might occasionally encounter a few common troubleshooting issues with them.

So, better to know about those common troubleshooting problems earlier than later.

Reportedly, the Bilge Pump might occasionally fail or malfunction, and even the engine might sometimes starve for gas or fuel. Occasionally, one might also notice fuel leaking issues or the motor consuming too much oil than usual.

Another major issue that many customers have complained about is that this boat requires high maintenance, just like other Key West boat models, and that’s troublesome for many boat owners.

Has Key West Recalled Any Of Its Previous Boat Models? 

Yes. According to the U.S. Coast Guard or USCG records, the Key West brand has previously made the following recalls-

Model Name & YearRecalled UnitProblemsSeverity LevelCampaign Started OnCampaign Closed On
2300 C
Boat (1995)
34Fuel Fill Fitting Cracks  High10/6/1995    11/22/1996
Key West 186 Outboard
1Electrical &
Ventilation Failure
Low  4/10/2007Not Mentioned
1750 Sportsman
1Level Flotation Stability FailureHigh5/21/199310/17/1994  

What Are The Best Key West Boat Models To Pick? 

Let’s have a brief look at some of the most popular boat models from the Key West Boats Brand-

  • The Key West 1720 Centre Console
  • The Key West 189FS Center Console
  • The Key West 210 Bow Rider
  • The Key West 239 Dual Console
  • The Key West Billistic 281 Center Console

Are The Key West 239 FS Boats Still Being Made?  

Yes. According to the brand’s official website declaration, they are continuing the production of the 239FS models.

Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of The Key West 239FS Boat Models?  

All the Key West Boat, including the 239 FS model, are manufactured in the United States. The Key West company is originally located in Ridgeville, South Carolina.

Reportedly, Key West boat’s manufacturing plant is also located in South Carolina, where we all know that a strong boat-building community is already exists and many other top boat brands also have their production facility over there.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To The Key West 239FS Boat?   

If you wish to opt for an alternative boat brand instead of the Key West 239 FS Center or Dual Console, some brands can be your savior, and these brands undoubtedly offer the best alternatives to replace the Key West 239FS.

Boat brands such as the Boston Whaler, Edgewater, Grady White, Pursuit, or Sea Hunt Boats can be your choice.

Customer Reviews On The 239FS Boats: 

Before I move toward the actual customer review and feedback part, I would like to admit that as a potential customer one can be really disappointed since it is pretty hard to get proper consumer reviews on this particular boat model of the Key West boat brand.

While I was looking for different consumer forums, Facebook groups, and other links to get authentic review rates and customer opinions, I figured that there are very limited resources and even to get that information one has to go through so many website links.

I think just like most of the top boat brands, Key West should also add a consumer testimonial part or forum linked with their official website. In that way, interested people can easily go through those consumer reviews and get a clear perception of what the brand is claiming and what exactly offering.

Besides that, I found out most consumers are really satisfied with the performance these boats provide and even claimed these are the best they ever had.

However, some customers have mixed opinions, where they claimed that these boat models are undoubtedly good, but they are not for all types of boaters. Even some shared their disappointment due to how expensive the 239FS boat models are.

Final Thoughts

The Key West 239FS boats are undoubtedly well built, luxurious, powerful yet family-friendly, and super comfortable to ride. According to many boat experts and critics, the company actually worked pretty hard to improve this boat’s overall quality by including several different amenities and detailing.

However, this 239 FS console boat also comes with a fair share of limitations, which is very obvious for any brand’s products.

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