Most Common Problems with Ranger RT178

To get the premium build quality as the larger boats within a low budget, you can check out RT178.

Like other economical models, this one also has some issues. 

In this article, I have included the most common problems with Ranger RT178. It also includes possible fixes so that you can save some money. Let’s get started.

Paint coming off after a few months of the purchaseNo protective coating on the newer units
Power pole installation making the boat too heavy on the backLighter constructionImproper weight distribution 
Intermittent electrical issue shutting down the central console electronicsFaulty breaker or corroded connections
Trapped water even after a little rainNo holes to drain the excess water

1. Paint Issues

Some of the users noticed that the painting over the aluminum body of the boat coming off. Especially, it is around the contact points of the boat cover. 

Also, a few complained that their boat’s paint from the bottom fell off within the first 3 months. 

If there is still some time before the warranty expires, you can do the paint job for free. 

In this case, you have to be beware of the fact that the company may take 2 to 5 months to complete the task.

Among all those complaints, I have also seen some of the customers confirming that they have never had a problem with the paint. 

A possible reason explaining such mixed reviews can be cost-cutting. Maybe older models had a protective finish and the newer ones didn’t. 

2. Power pole issue

A new user of Ranger RT178 mentioned that he was having issues installing a power pole. 

After the installation, his boat started to porpoise like it has too much weight on the back. 

While trying to find a solution, his dealer suggested moving the motor 1 notch up to the 3rd mounting hole. Even doing what was suggested, the problem wasn’t gone completely.

It is common for those who own a nice boat that has a lightweight construction. Power poles can have larger impacts on the lighter hull. 

For such cases, you can take drastic measures using hydrofoil on the engine. What you need is more lift in order to support the extra weight on the stern.

One can also try moving the battery pack to the front and see whether it solves the issue. 

3. Intermittent Electrical Issue

On a decent day with a little chop on the water, you may see that the central console and bow electronics have shut down all of a sudden. 

As the problem can occur at irregular intervals, it is a real bugger. 

There are several reasons for the issue. One user troubleshooting and found out that the breaker was the culprit.

Another customer replied that one should look for loose or corroded connectors of the resettable breaker at the starting battery. 

4. Trapped Water Problem

One of the users has mentioned a poor drainage problem of the RT178 models. After going through several other comments, I have found out that the problem is common.

In one reply, it was suggested to use a cover while it is in the storage. But that is not a practical solution. 

Because there are situations when one is out there fishing and the rain suddenly starts pouring down.

Let’s see some alternatives.

You can use Shop-Vac products for cleaning the excess water on the deck. For little water, it is a good solution.

When the amount is huge, you have no other choice other than drilling holes in the hull. For this solution, take the boat to your dealer. 

It is because doing it by yourself may damage crucial parts or void the warranty.

I’m mentioning that separately because one customer drilled some holes behind the seat, and hit the foam. When he saw that the problem was still there, he contacted the company. 

After a conversation, he came to know that one should not do that. Also, the customer representative gave him the right locations to drill holes.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Ranger RT178?

Among different customer reviews, I have seen one particular user being frustrated about the frequent service recalls from Ranger. 

It was due to venting problems, and wrong bilge pump wiring. 

Hearing those complaints, you may instantly think bad things about Ranger. But look at the positive side.

The company admitted the fault and agreed to solve those issues. I have seen lots of manufacturers try to avoid their fault at all costs. 

So, it has been proved that their customer service and quality assurance are on top of the priority list. 

Ranger uses quality components that include aluminum lids and flooring. 

You would also love the trailer because of its sturdy U-frame design. But there are some bad sides too.

The spare tire for the trailer is mounted using a specialized wing nut. So, it requires you to always keep a specific size ratchet wrench in the toolbox.

Also, you may not get the best experience in the rough waters. 

Final Thoughts 

If you maintain your Ranger RT178 well, you will not face any major issues. It is perfect for calm water fishing. 

Whether you are up for fishing bass and crappie, looking to join a small tournament, or have a 3-person trip, you can rely on it.

So, I am asking RT189 owners, what is your experience with the boat? Let me know in the comments.

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