Are Sea Pro Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Mid-range boats are usually what every boater starts with. But is Sea Pro the best mid-range boat to pick? Why did they stop production? Did they go bankrupt? Do they hold their value? What if I need old parts?

Well, Sea Pro might just be the best mid-range boat for you! Why you wonder? It is because of the specs they offer at the price point. And the reliability offers they provide. However, there’s also a quirk about the old parts!

In this article, I will discuss Sea Pro boats so you can make a better choice!

How Good Sea Pro Boats Are?

Sea Pro has been providing good service for over 3 decades. They are affordable. Performance is well enough to satisfy someone who likes to get a lot for their money.

Sea Pro now is proceeding towards more premium features. They aim to standardize their quality than any other boat manufacturer in its class. They make solid boats with thick hand-laid fiberglass. This is where they use an engineered custom fiberglass stringer system.

The boats have Simrad touchscreen electronics, Sea Star power steering, Sea Pro Connect by Boat Fix, Dual Battery Switch w/ACR, and Raw water washdown.

Fancy yourself a self-bailing cockpit? A standard 4-speaker audio system? A deluxe fiberglass T-top? You name it! Sea Pro has got you covered!

Worried about your catch reaching putrification? Check out the insulated fish box on the Sea Pro Center Console Deep V boats.

The boats come with full-composite construction. This means no wood is used in the boats. Saves you from any rotting! It also has proprietary high-volume cockpit drains and a manifold drain system.

The Bay Series boats provide space. Add a compact angling platform to that!

Sea Pro gives you a 5-year limited bow to stern warranty. Add a 10-year limited hull warranty to that! The hull warranty is transferrable. The hardware has a lifetime warranty.

How Reliable Are Sea Pro Boats?

With Sea Pro, people usually question them going out of business a few years back. This obviously raises a question on reliability. But the quality of their boat production calls otherwise.

Sea Pro has been termed as ‘good solid mid tier boat’. After returning under the OG owners, the new boats have a better finish and fit.

Sea Pro performs best inshore. But feels too light to be treading on taller waves off-shore. As a moderate deadrise boat, it rides nice! The boat is pretty efficient with single 225 outboards too!

For a few years, the hatch-fitting and other hardware hold up pretty well.

How Durable Are Sea Pro Boats?

Sea Pro is an entry-level boat. It does not perform very well off-shore. If the waves are as high as 3-4 feet, the boat will be too light for it.

Otherwise inshore, the boat is the best overall considering the price point.

What About Older Sea Pro Boats?

Sea Pro was found in 1987 in the Midlands. The Brunswick Corporation purchased it back in 2005. But due to the Great Recession, the company was shut off back in 2008. Recently it has been repurchased by one of the original owners, Jimmy Hancock.

One of the oldest models is Sea-Pro® Skiffs, Sea-Pro® 170CC and Sea-Pro® SV1500CC.

Check out the currently available Sea Pro models here

Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?

Sea Pro does store a lot of parts for their boats. However, as the ownership changed, they even went bankrupt for a while, you may not always find the parts.
The good news is: Sea pro parts aren’t exclusive. You can replace any part with other generic parts.

Look for dealers online. can be a good place to look for parts. Or look for parts from a dealer nearby.

What Are Typical Problems with Sea Pro Boats?

The shift cables are a major issue as reported by owners. The cables have too many turns, that is, too long.

Sometimes the gas starts to come out of the tank. This happens when stopping during filling the tank. Often people found vent line loops running low in relation with the tank. The fuel line may shift as well.

A minor issue is the gauges being foggy from time to time. And the trim switch at throttle may go out.

But these are somewhat fixable issues. Not something that costs a lot. There may be exceptions but generally, people do not face problems with first-hand purchases. Problem with second-hand purchased boats may occur due to pre-existing hull problems.

How Long Do Sea Pro Boats Last Compared to Similar Brands?

Sea Pro boats will last better than Sea Hawk boats. The same goes for mid range boats of other companies.

Boats are not supposed to last a lifetime. But with a Sea Pro, you’re set. You won’t need to buy boats after 10-15 years of course.
Moreover, it comes with a good warranty time. Such as a lifetime warranty on the hardware.

Keep in mind that this is a mid-range boat. A passionate boater will not stop with a Sea Pro in his garage! Re-sell and move on as you explore the next level!

Do Sea Pro Boats Hold Their Value?

Sea Pro holds resale value generally. These mid-range boats hold their value. You can get better deals still.

For example, you can easily get a Sea Pro 2003 with a Yamaha 115 outboard at $12,500. A bit of a bargain and push that to $10,000 – $9,000.

The bay boats of the SV range may be available around $4,000! These boats are 2002 so you get pretty nice offers on these.

Are Sea Pro Boats Still Being Made?

After returning to business, Sea Pro is bringing “The Next Wave”. The new Sea Pro headquarters is a 200,000 square-foot building. This is situated in South Carolina.

Sea Pro boats continue to be produced in this facility. The new boats resemble the old ones. But they are in better packaging so to speak!

The new facility started to be in action in 2015. The new line produces bay boats and fishing boats.

Final Thoughts

Sea Pro is a good mid-range boat. It is perfect for beginners. Inshore boating is bliss with them. Bay boats are a steal!

I do recommend these boats! But you must remember the type of activity you will be doing. The boats are perfect for light activities. Don’t go offshore with them! And if you have a better budget, go for something suitable for beginner to the moderately advanced boating experience. Peace!

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