Marine Mat vs. Seadek: Need to Know Before Installed

It sounds like a lot of fun to sail along the high seas. Making sure your boat is properly maintained is an important part of having fun. Keeping barnacles on the bow and stern of your boat is a big concern, especially in salty waters. Take safety seriously! There is a significant possibility of boating accidents due to slippery conditions. Yes, to prevent any unlucky situation, you’ve to apply a Marine mat or Seadek for your boat.

In recent years, boating has advanced greatly. Today, mighty ocean liners are being launched from simple rafts paddled by the first men. However, they all need constant maintenance. The rigors of the ocean will make maintaining your boat a lifelong challenge.

Which is better for boats: Marine mat vs. seadek? In addition to combating and dampening problems, modern deck enhancements offer some nifty solutions along the way. There continue to be challenges with boat vibrations, how they affect you, and what can be done to minimize them. Here, I’ll explore these questions, and you can pick whichever is most appropriate for you.

Marine Mat vs. Seadek: Comparison Briefly

Marine MatSeadek
Made from closed-cell EVA foamMade from closed-cell EVA foam
Will not hold or absorb water, Cleans easilyCleans up easily, Non-skid brushed
Great traction wet or dry, with or without shoesUnparalleled comfort when standing,  walking or leaning on boat surfaces
The largest variety of textures, colors and designsTechniques for multiple colors, textures, and finishes
Lightweight for easy handlingFabrication accuracy using CNC/CAD
Protects boat decks from fishing and scuba gearProtection for boat surfaces against scratches, chips and dents
Antimicrobial formula guards against the growth of mildew, fungi, and bacteriaUV resistant and durable, Exceptional traction even when wet  
Customizable with logos and designsCustomized bevels, contours, logos or designs
Textured surface reduces slippage under wet conditionsShock absorption, which decreases fatigue
Protects bare feet from splinters, hot surfaces and cutsNoise reduction characteristics – ideal for fishermen

Marine Mat Vs. Seadek: Comparative Analysis In-depth

A Marine Mat is a great alternative to glued-in carpet if you want an easy to maintain floor. It is easy to apply to the floor, as well as to remove it. Whether you are wearing shoes or not, SeaDek provides incredible grip even when wet. For shallow water anglers, it is very important to have excellent traction and sound dampening. Well, let’s see more…


In addition to being easy to use, the closed-cell EVA foam on the top layer provides a comfortable surface. On top of the foam is a high-quality polyester layer, and on the bottom is a non-skid layer.

Unlike absorbent helmet pads, dual-density pads are non-absorbent. As an added bonus, SeaDek mats are constructed with a 17mm foundation followed by a 3mm non-skid unbrushed top layer. They are also comfortable and provide exceptional traction when conditions are rough.

Slip Resistance

The unpredictable waves on the deck will require an anti-slip mat to provide greater stability. Raised designs are offered on some rubber flooring to increase rubber’s high coefficient of friction. The design includes a surface that provides excellent traction even when wet.

Besides the helm pads, SeaDek proposes  a wide range of DIY products. This product included high-level slip resistance formality. You can have custom flooring installed at your home or dock through an international expert network of certified fabricators and installers.


Furthermore, these mats are stain-resistant, easy to clean and dry quickly, so maintenance is not a concern.

SeaDek’s helm pads with dual density are the perfect materials for boaters who have to stand on the helm for long periods of time. Their closed-cell EVA/PE material is UV-resistant and provides durable yet comfortable performance.

Colors and design

There are many types of marine mats, each with different features, but the options don’t end there. Additionally, you can select the color and texture you prefer. As an added benefit, Marine Mat offers a three-year limited warranty for boaters’ peace of mind.

Lamination, laser cutting, various designs, and colors are all constantly examined through rigorous laboratory testing. In the first place, it looks fantastic and can be color-matched easily to boats and tow vehicles. There are over 30 color options to choose from.


Usually, Marine Mats are heavy-duty mats used for covering the floors of ships, boats, or other marine objects. Since the boats are always in the water, they must be very durable. Materials such as EVA and other high-density polymers with water-repelling properties provide durability.

With SeaDek, you can customize almost any boating and watercraft application. Providing non-skid decking and anti-fatigue footing that is high quality, comfortable and safe. SeaDek is suitable for all boats and watercraft. It is created in a variety of colors, combinations and thicknesses.

  • Computerized high-precision design.
  • Fabrication accuracy using CNC/CAD.
  • Techniques for multiple colors, textures, and finishes.

Cleans up easily

Despite the fact that they prevent dirt from accumulating on their surfaces, these nautical mats are easy to clean. Marine mats can be used in your own home in areas like the bathroom to prevent excessive water damage.

As well as stain- and UV-resistant, the surface of the sea deck is easy to keep clean with soap and water. “Dek Magic” is a cleaner that SeaDek makes to remove tough stains. Using dish soap and a nylon brush lightly rubbed on the spot is the only thing you’ve ever needed to clean it.


With the largest EVA sheet size available, the Marine Mat has fewer seams and can be designed in many different ways. Teak EVA foam yacht floor self-adhesive mat 94” x 35”, thickness 6mm, marine boat sheet color is grey.

Seadek’s two mat sizes are available: a large mat, a full-size rug (16 x 39 inches) and a small mat (14 x 36 inches). Colors include white on storm gray and black above storm gray. The largest SeaDek sheets available are 39″ x 77″.

Marine Mat vs Seadek: Which one is Ideal for What?

Useful benefits of Marine Mat

  • Comfortable to stand on
  • Softer than other marine surfaces
  • Lasts a long time in marine conditions
  • Good traction for people and pets
  • Does not absorb water, Looks great
  • Custom designs, Custom colors  

Useful benefits of SeaDek

  • Easily installed with peel and stick
  • Shock absorption for anti-fatigue
  • Provide excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions
  • Protection against scratches and chips
  • Comfortable cushioned surfaces on boats
  • It quiets noise from dropped items, etc. – a good feature for anglers

Marine Mat is ideal for

  • Sport or commercial fishing boats,
  • Sailboats
  • Ski boats
  • Personal watercraft
  • Houseboats
  • Any other type of marine craft.

SeaDek is ideal for

  • Non-skid boat decking
  • Casting platforms
  • Coaming pads
  • Helm pads
  • Swim steps
  • Boat trailers
  • Gunnels
  • Boat interior carpet replacement
  • and much more!


Does seadek get hot?

Any flooring product with darker colors will become warmer as the sun shines. The closed-cell structure of SeaDek ensures that it does not become too hot to stand on, and it dissipates heat quickly.

How long does marine mat last?

The MarineMat is very durable, developed to be outdoors and withstand harsh conditions. With proper care, the marine decking from UPM can last for much longer than the 3-year warranty.

How long will seadek last?

Under the harshest conditions, SeaDek can last up to 5-7 years. The boat’s lifespan is likely to be extended if it is well maintained or covered.


Have any more questions or confusion about Marine Mat vs. Seadek? In addition to being stain-resistant and easy to clean, both are made from closed cell EVA foam. They have excellent slip resistance and are soft to stand on. Despite their remarkable comfort and durability, the boots can withstand even the harshest ocean environments.

MarineMat’s unique combination of textures, patterns, and colors, along with its quick and easy installation, make it the obvious choice. Anyway, choosing a SeaDek Certified Installer will be a great decision, it’ll ensure you receive a professional installation.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about the smell of a wet boat if you park it in the garage or shop. Boats’ exterior floors should be protected as much as possible since they are exposed and used the most. While observing and appreciating any vessel’s aesthetic qualities, a marine mat or seadek provides a more stable surface.

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