Most Common Problems with Craigcat Boat

I have seen that some people are emphasizing the unsinkable feature of the Craigcat boats.

Well, they sure are unsinkable but can trip easily with too much weight on one side.

Also, these boats have lots of problems which I am going to discuss below. so, let’s get started.

Not-so-smooth steering causing a bad riding experienceWrong prop, Wrong height of the motor, Lack of lubrication, Tilt tube issue, Too much weight on one side

Hard-to-steer Problem

I have seen lots of Craigcat owners complaining about the steering of the boat. 

Among lots of suggested solutions, one is to change the prop to the right model that has the desired specs and design.

However, most of the steering problems do not occur from the prop itself. 

According to an expert, it is the position of the load and the tab above the prop that cause this issue. 

Another reason for its poor performance is the height of the motor. Also, you can blame the corroded tilt tube.

Some mechanic recommends keeping the tilt tube clean and spotless. On the other hand, you will also see suggestions mentioning lubing the tube for better performance. 

Here’s an interesting fact that you should keep in mind. 

The problem may be just in your imagination. What I mean is that riding one person on the boat makes it weigh more on one side. 

As a result, turning one side seems super easy whereas the other is not so much. It is natural, and no part of the boat is to blame for this.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Craigcat Boats?

First of all, I want to address the aggressive marketing tactics of Craigcat. They target the non-boaters.

Because beginners emphasize more on looks rather than performance. That is why it has failed to attract professionals and experts in fishing.

Tip: Before making a final move on any of their boats, you can rent one, go for a test drive, and see for yourself how it performs. 

In case you read the comments in different forums about the Craigcat boats, you will see that there is a mixed review from its users. 

Lots of people have had good times with their Craigcat boats. However, you can get wet easily in case of anything over a 2” chop. 

Also, taking it out on a very hot summer day is a bad idea. The best application of these boats is in a calm small lake or river water. 

If you are seeing the boat for the first time, you will think that is basically a kayak or two kayaks with an outboard motor. 

A common reply from most of them is that the boat performs great on calm or shallow water. 

Some would argue that the boat design is capable of taking a 2’-3’ chop without any problem. But you should not trust their words.

Let’s take a look at some of the good sides. 

Its hulls are constructed using stabilized polyethylene. After that, the manufacturer injected foam. 

As a result, you can use it for years without noticing any discoloration or cracks of any kind.

Final Thoughts

Lots of people are happy with their purchase despite lots of problems with Craigcat boats. 

They say that these vessels are fun, economical, lightweight, portable, and safe. Confident about safety because they are unsinkable. 

So, what do you think? Let me know your good or bad experience with a Craigcat boat.

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