Can You Register a Trailer in Florida Without a Title?

You are a Florida resident and want to buy a boat trailer. Under Florida law, if you purchase a trailer, it must be tagged and renewed before its registration expires. 

In that case, you can do it at a license plate office or the county tax collector’s office. However, you can sometimes register a boat trailer at a landfill office too. These offices will issue a registration for you based on the empty weight of your trailer.

Now the question is, Can you register a trailer in Florida without a title? If the answer is yes, then how? If not, what to do?

Can You Register a Trailer in Florida Without a Title?

The subject is a little confusing. Without a title in Florida, you can register a trailer at once, but not again. Don’t understand? All right. If you buy a trailer over 2000 pounds, you must have a title. 

Whether your trailer is new, or old, or homemade, you need to add a title if it is more than 2000 pounds. Only then will you be able to register, otherwise.

How to Get the Title of Your Trailer?

Do you want a title for a used trailer for over 2,000 pounds? It requires a notarized bill of sale of the trailer and a copy of the previous registration. 

If registration is not available, you need to weigh the trailer. So you don’t have to worry because there are weigh stations in Florida County for the convenience of customers.

On the other hand, if you want a title for a new trailer, your dealer will give you a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) or Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO). 

The dealer will also provide you with a sales tax return showing the details of the trailer. With this paper, you will find information about the empty weight of your trailer and the payment of sales tax. 

You need an identity card or driver’s license, or the US or foreign passport to sign a notary.

How to Transfer Trailer Ownership on a Florida Title?

In Florida, if you wish to transfer ownership of the trailer, you must bring the following documents to an authorized tag agency or tax collector’s service centre.

  • A copy of the current registration;
  • The Florida title, appropriately executed by the dealer.

Also, each applicant must be present to sign a new application for title transfer. If you need a quick title, you can apply for an additional 10. 

The title will be provided by the Office of the Tax Collector at the time of application. Quick titles can be found in one of the tax collector’s offices.

How to Register a Trailer With a Title?

The procedures you need to follow to register a trailer with a title are divided into several sections. 

If you are applying for a homemade trailer then that method will be different from the old used trailer. 

Below we will discuss how to register with the title of all types of trailers.

Initial registration

As a Florida resident, you must register those vehicles in the state of Florida for your trailer on the road there.

On the other hand, if you are a non-resident in Florida, i.e., you are engaged in a business or occupation, or your children attend a public school in Florida, you must still register your trailer in Florida.

Non-resident discounts may apply to students of a college or university or any higher education institution in Florida for less than six months enrolled in a Florida state-recognized work-study program, or to any non-resident enrolled as a full-time student in Florida.

You can get vehicle registrations for your trailer at one of the tax collector’s offices. If your trailer is made at home, you may need to provide a manufacturer’s source certificate or a weight slip to get a registration for it.

How to Register for a Homemade Trailer With a Title?

If you purchased a home-made trailer for less than 2,000, and it is currently registered in Florida with the title, you must pay:

  • Bill of sale or previous owner’s registration document and
  • Trailer License Plate Number or Trailer Identification Number.

On the other hand, if the previous owner of the home-made trailer you purchased has never registered, the items you need to provide are:

  • A bill of sale is required from the trailer owner stating the year and weight of construction of the trailer. If you do not know the weight then you need to provide a weight slip.
  • You will need to generate a trailer identification number by the state computer system during the registration transaction.

Also, if you bought a Florida-registered home-made trailer that weighed more than 2,000, you would provide:

  • Title held by the current owner.
  • Trailer sales bill.

And last but not least, if you buy a homemade trailer for 2,000 2,000 or more and have never been titled in Florida before, then you must have the trailer inspected by a Compliance Tester. As well as you have to allocate an identification number for the trailer.

How to Register for a Used Trailer With a Title?

Have you purchased a used trailer for under 2,000 2,000 already registered in Florida? Then you have to pay to register the trailer:

  • Previous owner’s registration or sale bill. The bill must list the trailer’s license plate number and the trailer identification number.

If you have purchased a used trailer in Florida under 2,000 by the previous owner, you must pay for the registration on that day:

  • A bill of sale. In the absence of an out-of-state title registration signed by the previous owner.
  • A weight slips if the weight is not listed in the title or registration.
  • Your trailer comes from a region that does not have a trailer title or registration. Together the sales bill of the trailer must have the year, made, trailer identification number. In addition, the area from which the trailer came should be mentioned in the bill.

How Long Does a Trailer Registration Last?

If you own a boat trailer, you have two options – registration for one year at a time or registration for two years at a time. 

If you have purchased a used or newly built boat trailer you will have 30 days to title and register the trailer. In these 30 days, you will need to provide proof of purchase date while using the trailer. 

If a trailer is owned by a person, then the registration of the trailer lasts till midnight on that person’s birthday. The registration expires at midnight. 

On the other hand, if the trailer is owned by a company, then the registration period is till midnight on June 30.

If you want to renew your trailer registration, you must carry a renewal or registration notice with you. Alternatively, you can bring your identity card or a valid driving license or even a US or foreign passport.


Lastly, it can be said that you can register your trailer without a title if it is less than 2,000. Otherwise, you must apply for a title. 

You can easily register a homemade or already used boat trailer by following the above steps. But one thing to keep in mind is to always register properly in the way of law.

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