Are Rinker Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

I have heard lots of bad feedback from the customers about Rinkers. So, I decided to do my own research and shine some light on the matter.

Rinker boats reviews, are they good and reliable? I have gathered all the information on the internet to answer that question. Let’s get to know them.

How Good Rinker Boats Are?

One word explains the quality of Rinker boats; average. The overall build quality is like most of the brands. But don’t think that they don’t last long.

Those who take good care of their boats can make anything last more than a decade.

Regarding hull construction, the company uses fiberglass layers with Gelcoat making it stronger compared to some competitors.

How Reliable Are Rinker Boats?

From the spec sheet and user experience, I can say that Rinker boats are suitable for a few recreational activities that don’t involve boarding or surfing.

If you are fishing in calm waters, you will be happy with the reliable performance of the boat.

The overall construction and hull design make these boats durable. But you have to take care of it.

Customers are also pleased with its easy maneuverability and handling.

Regardless of the weather or water condition, you won’t ever have to worry about rust or corrosion because of fiberglass and an extra-protective Gel coat.

You can talk to your dealer about the aftersales support. They don’t disappoint the customers.

How Durable Are Rinker Boats?

As I haven’t personally owned or used Rinker boats, it is hard to tell how durable they are.

However, I have heard lots of positive and negative things about this brand. The feedback includes the quality of both interior and exterior.

First of all, the exterior of the boat is very strong and durable because the company uses fiberglass to make the hull.

Also, it has Gelcoat for extra protection against harsh weather conditions. It doesn’t crack easily. So, you can keep riding the boat for a very long time.

But the construction of the interior is not very satisfactory. The wood used to build the parts inside the boat tends to fail within a few years.

For this reason, you have to inspect the interior every 4 or 5 months to make sure that everything is alright. 

What About Older Rinker Boats?

The company dates back to the 1930s making it a very old and successful boat manufacturer.

Considering its size of operation, you will know how popular they are. Rinker now exports their boats in almost 40 countries worldwide.

Like other boat manufacturing brands, Rinker has improved their boat design over the years.

But all of the models are not in production. Except for 4 Express Cruisers, others are out of production.

The company still provides services and solutions for its older models.

So, if you are about to buy an old and used model of this brand, you won’t have to worry about anything. I recommend you not to choose anything older than 10 years.

Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?

Yes, the company still makes parts for their older models, and you can find most of them here.

One can also consult with their local dealers to find out the necessary parts for their Rinker boats.

Another good source of finding older model parts is by asking the members of online forums.

What Are Typical Problems with Rinker Boats?

No products are perfect. After going through several forum posts and discussions, I found several complaints about Rinker boats.

One customer was furious with his 2003 Rinker 270 Fiesta Vee. He faced hard times getting on a plane with 4 adults and 4 kids on board.

The boat was used for nearly 3 years. After some inspection, trials, and errors, he found out that the problem was in the design which has too much drag.

Overall, the boat has some serious problems along with bad representatives in the market.

Also, it wouldn’t be a wise decision to invest in such a company that is no longer producing new boats.

How Long Do Rinker Boats Last Compared with Similar Brands?

People who have used both Ringer and SeaRay boats say that SeaRay is far ahead of its competitor.

Where Rinker is a family-owned company, SeaRay belongs to a giant manufacturing company with a good reputation.

Getting a high-quality boat is expensive and lots of people can’t afford it. This is where Rinker boats have become the main choice for them.

I have to admit that these boats are not capable of supporting recreational activities such as boarding or surfing.

Compared to the Cobalt, Formula, or Bayliner, Rinker has more like an average-type of a boat.

Do Rinker Boats Hold Their Value?

Yes, Rinker boats hold their value like most of their competitors. Let me give you an example.

I have seen a listing of used 2006 42” Rinker 390 Express Cruiser at $132,000. And, the original price of the same boat was $179,000.

So, the depreciation of this model is nearly 28% which is acceptable.

You should keep in mind that the reselling price of a boat depends on lots of variables.
Among them, availability of the part, condition of the parts, state of the engine, and brand play important roles.

Are Rinker Boats Still Being Made?

No, Polaris has terminated the production of three different brands under their control which includes Rinker.

Due to the pandemic, the company has experienced irreversible damage in its sales and production.

According to Polaris, investing in these brands is no longer profitable.

Customer Reviews on Rinker Boats

I have seen the feedback of a Rinker Captiva owner. It was his first-ever boat which he got as a honeymoon gift from his wife.

The couple was very happy with the performance of the boat. But after riding it for a while, they realized that a Malibu would serve them the best.

According to another customer, Rinker boats are good as an I/O boat. It has a practical design, gel coating, and good-quality finish making it a solid one for some specific purposes.

Lastly, I want to share the experience of another customer who visited the Rinker production facility.

After some time spent with the boat, he thinks that Rinker manufactures an average type of boat at a very good price point. So, don’t compare their boats with old Bayliner or Cobalt.

Final Thoughts

Rinker boats reviews, are they good and reliable? Some of the models are surely reliable but not all.

According to the users, it is best to avoid the 2002 and earlier Rinker boats. In the mid-range category, they are well-known in the community.

One thing is certain about these boats; they offer the best bang for the buck features. If you are on a tight budget, you can consider them. But don’t expect too much.

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